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    According to Truelist, PPC advertising returns a 200% ROI and a 3.75% Conversion Rate, that’s bigger than other marketing platforms. At iFlair, Our expert PPC brains helped hundred plus global brands to get good conversions & quality leads.


    Reach a Customer Quickly, Immediately Traffic Rise, Good ROI, A/B testing, Pay during Click, Higher Priority of Your Business Over the Organic Result. These are some of the benefits of PPC. There is a lot of competition in the online world, and it’s important to run campaigns that are data-driven and focused on conversions.

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    Technical Expertise of our Android Developer

    We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business.

    Android Advance Features

    Scan Qr Code | Face Recognition | Sound Amplifier | Gesture Navigation | Bluetooth LE connection | Call Screening and redirection


    Rest API | Google map and Here map Api | Google Analytics | Firebase Crashlytics | Skyscanner | Payment Method Integration | Social media

    Languages to use

    Java | Kotlin

    Third Party Library

    Image Picker | Action Bar Design | View Pager Indicator | Retrofit | Google GSON | Volley | Picasso | Active Android

    Version Control

    Github | Bitbucket | Gitlab

    Payment Integration

    Swedish BankID | PayPal | Stripe, PayuMoney | Credit card & Debit card | Crypto currency | Razor Pay

    Development tools & Editors

    Android Studio | Visual Studio | Dcoder | Quick Edit | Code Anywhere | Pocket Editor

    UX Designing and Integration

    Dark Theme and Light Theme

    Other Language Collaboration

    C++ | C# | Ionic | Dart (Flutter) | HTML, CSS, Javascript using Phone gap framework

    App Live Platforms

    Play store

    Communication Tool

    Skype | Google Meet | Slack  | Discount Microsoft Team | Hangout | Zoom


    Unit Testing | Integration Testing | Automation | Security


    MongoDB | MariaDB | PostgreSQL | MySQL

    Project Management Tools

    JIRA | Trello | BaseCamp | Target Process | TeamWork | Mondays | Asana

    Our Inbound PPC Approach

    As a Leading PPC Analyst Company, We deeply explore the domain of your business on the basis that our PPC experts tailor a strategy that accomplishes your business goals and Prospects’ needs. Our data-driven approach ensures satisfactory results. We also leverage the PPC strategy for seo service to get better ranking positions.

    Identify GOAL

    • Understanding your business

    • Identify problems of your customer

    • List KPIs for your business goal

    • In Depth Tracking Setup for User Activity

    • Competitor & Domain Trend Analysis

    • Campaign Auditing

    Introduce Strategize 

    • Draft a Sales-Drive Strategy

    • Keyword Analysis

    • A Winning Bidding Define

    • Identify Buyer Searches

    • Build Trust Building Ads Copy

    • Highly Engaging Images and Video Design

    • Demographic, Interests, Placement Targeting

    • Improve Quality of Landing Page


    • Eye-catching CTA

    • Performance Tracking

    • Update a Strategy Based on Data Analysis

    • A/B Testing for Better Understanding

    • Performance Planning to Reduce Costing

    • Daily Optimization of Ads Campaign


    • Analyze User Data

    • Measure Performance

    • Calculate KPIs

    • Weekly/Monthly Client Reporting

    Our Hard-Earned Reputed Work


    We have designed and developed Bringish mobile application which offers similar features like Uber taxi application where customer can create order shipment request and get in touch with the driver to accomplish their shipment. After shipment order request get publish, driver can accept or reject shipment.Once shipment is accepted, driver can deliver shipment to the delivery person and take signature for delivery confirmation while admin can keep track of drivers, shipment order status and Payment.

    Android +


    Freight Transport




    We have developed an android app that makes travelling journey more interesting. Travelers can create a trip and able to add 10 places for each trip with different sections/sub-sections into that. The application offers a pre-created template or custom template for the trip. Travelers can search POI (Point of Interest) by adding name, place and type like hotel, museum, restaurant, fortress etc. Travelers can search places on Google map and add them to their trip

    Android +






    iFlair has developed app for facia organization where patients can view list of therapist near their location. They can view contact number, away km and address in therapist menu. Patients can also search relevant therapist from the list. Patients can also tap on any specific therapist to view details like contact number, contact email, address etc.




    Health and Fitness




    We have designed and developed quality mobile application for restaurants to increase their sales process a lot easier and convenient for their waiters with the selection of floor, table and food items from one place. The whole application is functioning on synchronize process of local network and mobile application. On the start of the application, waiters will download the latest XML.


    Android + SQLite & XML


    Food & Drink



    An impeccable mobile app for end users where they travel from one place to another along with various way points as per the different locations from the application. We will also provide the option where the user selects the particular travelling mode for their respective tour or journey from the application.


    IOS + React Native





    Hire PPC Experts for Top Notch Services

    Get best ROI with experts skills

    Search Ads

    Search Ads

    Don’t miss your impassioned customers by letting them click with your competitors. At iflair, our PPC specialist will pin your solutions at first search positions with minimum cost.

    Display advertising

    Display advertising

    Boost Your Branding with our Creative & effective Visual Display Ads. Get a massive relevant reach and attract relevant users to your site.

    Shopping Ads

    Shopping Ads

    We have developed an ecommerce PPC expertise for our capability to earn excellent conversion and CPAs in the high competition.

    Performance Max

    Performance Max

    This New Campaign Type was invented in 2022, and our Creative Content Assets have won user intent at each marketing platform. Secure your good conversion rate today.



    A company’s goal with remarketing is to get the customer to come back to their website or store, increase their trust in the brand, and eventually make a purchase.

    A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

    After implementing all the winning strategies, we still need to observe which option could be best to achieve desired results. Our PPC experts have a good hand for A/B testing.

    Landing Page Optimization

    Landing Page Optimization

    Effective landing pages often have a nice user experience and are well optimized for conversion. It needs to be carefully designed in order to capture user attention and compel visitors to convert

    YouTube advertising

    YouTube advertising

    As a leading PPC Company, we align your youtube campaign with people’s interests so That your business gets better conversions and a good impression share.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion rate optimization is a strategy for increasing the number of visitors who take the desired action on your website. This is done by changing the website’s page design, layout, and content in order to make it as clear as possible what action site visitors should take.

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      Dedicated PPC Professionals, 17+ Years Of Experience, 300+ Global Clients, Effective Strategy, Up to Date With PPC Trend, Significant Industry Expertise, 360 Solutions, Detailed Transparent Monthly Report, Data Driven PPC Strategy

      List of Industries We have Served



      We have improved site structure by keeping our eyes on the easy navigation of patients. Users can easily move from one service to another through the excellence of internal linking and PPC Optimized headings. Good expansion of medical service through powerful backlinks.



      Our PPC Experts organize your site in a manner that the Buyer feels the digital experience of bricks and mortar of a retail shop.

      Fintech (Finance and Banking)

      Fintech (Finance and Banking)

      In this highly competitive time for financial industries, we fuel your business Growth with trendy service keywords and expand your reach with new relevant content ideas.



      Learners will directly interact with our promoted content. High authoritative, engaging content will lead a relevant traffic to your business

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      What is PPC ?

      Pay per click is a paid advertising channel in which advertisers pay to ads publishing platforms(Google, Facebook, Instagram) when a user clicks on advertisements. PPC is also termed CPC(cost per click). It is featured as an ADS label on SERP.

      How does PPC marketing work?

      Google Ads tool enables your ads to list the top/bottom of the organic results based on keywords bidding(auction) for a user search query. For better performance(top position at low cost) of your ads, you must ensure a good quality score.

      How does PPC Management Service help my business to grow?

      At a top ads position with low cost, your ads will be able to deliver i) USPs(unique selling points), ii)Product/service Offers, iii) Brand Value, iv) Brand awareness & v) customer review to your prospect users. These will not only increase your ROI but also improve Branding.

      What Do Your PPC Experts Do?

      Our PPC Professional is responsible for managing ppc advertising campaigns, including Targeting Audiences, keywords research, designing visuals, implementing stretegy, and analyzing ad performance.

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