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    We provide goal-based penetration testing services to secure our client’s software applications and products. We offer a comprehensive set of penetration testing services when you hire our dedicated resources. By implementing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment techniques, we ensure the security of your organization’s internal/external information. Our most valuable resources have helped numerous organizations with their penetration testing services across the globe.


    iFlair delivers end-to-end services focusing on client-specific business and technical requirements and market and product overviews. Our penetration testing services use modern tools and technology, adhere to industry standards, and take a flexible approach to provide you with a personalized experience. Test your software product with our software testing experts and save time by identifying significant issues quickly, reducing test cycles, and reducing testing costs.

    Our Penetration Testing Services Include

    Firewall Penetration Testing

    A firewall detects and prevents various malware, phishing, and other cyber attacks by monitoring the network’s incoming and outgoing traffic. Our external penetration testing will help you identify any vulnerabilities in your firewall setup.

    Network Security Penetration Testing

    From systems and hosts to various networking devices, your internal network can be attacked by hackers in multiple ways. Using our network penetration testing consulting services, you can identify the most vulnerable parts of your network.

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    A web application is an essential component of business success and represents an attractive target for cybercriminals. Website penetration testing by iFlair identifies vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and application logic and session management flaws.

    Mobile Penetration Testing

    Smartphones and mobile devices have become indispensable parts of most businesses today. iFlair conducts external penetration testing on all mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, and other connected devices.

    Wireless Penetration Testing

    An unsecured wireless network can make it possible for attackers to gain access to your network and steal valuable data. A wireless penetration test identifies vulnerabilities, calculates the damage they could cause, and identifies the best way to remediate them.

    Cloud Computing Penetration Testing

    If you are working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or another cloud provider, we’ll help you conduct rapid and effective cloud computing penetration testing.

    Automated Testing Tools We Use for Software Testing Services

    Penetration Testing Process We Follow

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    We have developed compliance checker functionality which monitors products and initiate alerts for any missing regulatory data or documents. It generates simple to understand, actionable tasks which can also be assigned to team members or contracted professionals such as safety assessor or laboratory


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    “LeadPortal” is an effective lead management solution which is an entryway for the customers to deal with their leads & allow them to manage different stages of the lead life cycle. We developed this system especially for back-office employees who can manage the client’s lead & can create more campaign from the regions.




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    Salsa World Class

    We have developed network where anyone can learn to dance online from some of the world’s best teachers. The website will have 3 types of members which are divided in schools, teachers and students.Salsa world make videos with different Level (beginner, intermediate, advance) & release it for different schools.

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    We developed a community scoring system removes unproductive commentary to reveal the most insightful, profound questions & core issues which inspire unbridled honesty, Radical candor, generous contribution, Creativity,innovation, Engagement & Productivity.

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    We have developed web marketing solutions for Net Effect which target Travel Businesses. As Development Agency with Net-Effect we have developed 170+ travel websites and managing 50,000+ properties & 10,00,000 cruise details which help travel agents to grow their business and seize future opportunities.


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      Our Speciality

      Our Development expertise

      We have delivered very satisfactory work to our clients and help them to achieve their goal for their businesses of varying sizes. We ensure credibility by helping our client to accomplish their vision with our communication and work culture.

      • Project Manager
        • Helps to create proper requirement based on clients vision
        • Review Budget and create proper MVP phase
        • Review technical feasibility and Create product workflow
        • Prepare a plan and assignment of Team + PMS tool + Versioning tool
        • Share SCRUM planning of each week with the client for outline of the work and delivery
      • Based on project size and scale, expert laravel developer(s) will be allocated to project
        • Create the infrastructure
        • Usage of laravel architecture, libraries , external API collaboration, bundle development planning, for front side vue.js/ react.js/ native.js
        • Constant code and structure review to maintain scalability of the product
      • Quality Check Team
        • Manually testing
        • Automation testing
        • Scaling testing
        • Load testing
        • Security testing

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      Why Hire QA Experts from iFlair?

      Dedicated QA Experts   |   40/80/160 Working Hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models  |  Simple & Transparent Pricing and invoicing  Agile Methodology   |  Demo meeting and trial starting with beginner package    Strict NDA Signed for Complete Privacy   Faster Resource Accessibility and on demand additional supply without any hidden clause  Focus on Your Core Business and goal to enhance it  Large Technical Pool with wider Technology Stack  Client Satisfaction is Our top most Priority

      Steve Rushton

      Director of Net Effect, UK

      Simone Bernazzi


      Roeland Schaart


      Sonny Geerts



      Will business operations be affected by a penetration test?

      The strictest legal, technical, and ethical standards are followed during a penetration test. In tests, vulnerabilities are identified and exploited safely, so business operations are not disrupted.

      What is the cost of penetration testing?

      Our ethical hackers perform penetration tests based on the number of days it takes to complete the objective. iFlair’s experts can assist you with achieving a pre-evaluation questionnaire to receive a penetration testing quotation.

      Will we get sole ownership of the source files once the project is completed?

      Yes, we will send the source files to you. We typically work in work made to hire model, and our clients own the source code and IP rights.

      During the Progress of my Project, Who will be the Point of Contact to get my project updates?

      We believe in total transparency and regular updates. You may contact any assigned team member to get an update on their respective task. To help you with smoother operations and project delivery, we recommend you stay connected with the project manager, who will regularly update the project progress status with appropriate project tools, communication channels, and frequent virtual meetings. 

      Will my data be secure as the compilation of the project?

      Yes, we understand the importance and safety of your valuable data. We assure you that any external parties cannot access your data.

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