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Special Features

  • Print Trip in PDF format
  • Copy trip to templates
  • Download Trip on mobile
  • View path on map
  • Copy place to another trip
  • Move place to another trip
  • Paypal Payment Integrations
  • Stripe Payment Integrations
  • Subscription Packages
  • Multilanguage – English & German


We have developed an android app that makes travelling journey more interesting. Travelers can create a trip and able to add 10 places for each trip with different sections/sub-sections into that. The application offers a pre-created template or custom template for the trip. Travelers can search POI (Point of Interest) by adding name, place and type like hotel, museum, restaurant, fortress etc. Travelers can search places on Google map and add them to their trip


Travelers can view the path of trip places over Google map. Travelers can select pre-template that fulfil all their trip destinations. Travelers can copy any trip template to the user profile. Travelers can modify/delete specific trip. Travelers can copy their tailor-made trip to templates.


  • Search POI
    • Travelers can search POI by adding POI name and place name.
    • Travelers can search POI from different type categories like facility, building, monastery order of knights and nation.
    • Once travelers tap on the search button, they can view places according to their search options.
    • Travelers can view details of a specific place with available type, name, description, images and place on the map.
    • Travelers can add a place to trip section.
  • Travel Template
    • Travelers can view different trip templates which created by other users.
    • Travelers can copy specific trip template to user profile.
    • Travelers can search any trip template.
  • User Profiles
    • Travelers can update their profile image.
    • Travelers can upgrade their packages from free to 1 year or unlimited by paying package fee via PayPal.

  • Trip
    • Travelers can view a list of their existing trips.
    • Travelers can add trip by tapping on floating plus icon.
    • Travelers can modify/delete existing trip.
    • Travelers can print existing trip.
    • Travelers can download existing trip for mobile.
    • Travelers can copy existing trip to templates.
    • Travelers can add a trip section into existing trip.
    • Travelers can add hotel/others into existing trip.
  • Login
    • Travelers can select the language for the app before login.
    • Travelers can login using email and password.
  • Registration
    • Travelers can select the language for the app before registration.
    • Travelers can register by uploading their image and adding details like first name, last name, nickname, email, password, confirm password, country, city, street, postcode, phone and selecting subscription package.

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iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service - in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality, reliability, explanations and availability. They are really professional, yet also very personable. I will definitely be using them again.

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