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    At iFlair, we are well aware of our client’s needs along with their business objectives. Highly skilled web application experts working with us possess the knowledge and expertise to create highly innovative web applications. We strive toward translating your dreams into reality. iFlair values its clients and their precious ideas.


    With a team of reliable and reputed developers, we have served innumerable clients across the country and abroad. If you wish to have highly scalable enterprise apps, iFlair will prove to be the best partner. We are known for Secured delivery, Unmatched expertise and proven solutions, Successful project deliveries.

    Trusted by Leading Brands and Start-Up

    Technical Expertise of our Web Application Developer

    We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business


    Custom web app development | Custom Web App Development | Cross-platform apps | E-commerce Solutions


    JS | python | angular | HTML5 | CSS3 | valueJS | ReactJS


    node.js | Php | java | laravel


    MongoDB | Firebase | PostgreSQL | MemSQL | MySQL | Microsoft SQL | Rethinkdb


    Amazon web service | azure | google cloud | firebase | digital ocean

    Payment gateway

    PayPal | stripe | CC avenue | paytm


    Express.js | Adonis js | Koa.js | Socket.io | Meteor.js | Nest.js | NextJS

    Project Management Tools

    JIRA | Trello | BaseCamp | Target Process | TeamWork | Mondays | Asana


    Unit Testing | Integration Testing | Automation | Security

    Payment Integration

    Swedish BankID | PayPal | Stripe, PayuMoney | Credit card & Debit card | Crypto currency | Razor Pay


    Rest API | Google map and Here map Api | Google Analytics | Firebase Crashlytics | Skyscanner | Payment Method Integration

    Communication Tool

    Skype | Google Meet | Slack | Discount Microsoft Team | Hangout | Zoom

    Our Hard-Earned Reputed Work

    We have developed compliance checker functionality which monitors products and initiate alerts for any missing regulatory data or documents. It generates simple to understand, actionable tasks which can also be assigned to team members or contracted professionals such as safety assessor or laboratory


    Cosmetri Database


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    “LeadPortal” is an effective lead management solution which is an entryway for the customers to deal with their leads and allow them to manage different stages of the lead life cycle. We integrated affiliate pixels service to pull data from affiliate pixels account into Leadportal website where multiple clients can be part of same campaign and client can get leads through different affiliate pixels into their individual campaign to receive more leads for their product and services.




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    The one platform for all, which speaks to develop inner peace strength by simulating some daily habits in routine life. Radyx website is based on user’s choice, where user can browse the whole website find their interest for learning to develop inner strength with the help of proper coach from Radyx.






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    Salsa World Class

    Same cycle for SELLER, if user wants to sell or provide the IT related services from the platform.He/she can register on the platform and select the criteria which suit their profiles. After successful registration and profile completion user can update his/her portfolio about the work and skill level proficiency.In a nutshell, iFlair has made one stop solution for all IT related services where people can come and expand the business tech tics.


    Travel Websites





    iFlair had received a proud moment while working with Alive Studio, when the project was named after our project manager “Karishma Soni”. Our Journey started on January 2011, and it seems 2018 is just midway. Client was incredibly happy with the amazing work and finest quality of the project. We have created a cloud base platform which allows user to restore, scan their video tapes, films, slides and photographs in HD format with require modification. We also delivered Mobile App and TV app for them.


    International Brands

    Tv & Mobile

    App Developed


    Years Success


    We have developed “Lexi Click” marketing opportunity assessment application which help user to identify the opportunities to improve digital marketing where user need to go through 5 important areas of marketing and score each of them and at the end of assessment printable summary so that user can plan which priorities they need to focus on.






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    We have developed “Yello – Keywords Network” business information portal where business can list themselves so that the people can locate the right business of their needs conveniently and quickly. Website developed in way that it goes beyond being a business listing portal by offering richer listing and a user experience that today’s digital natives crave! We offered a solution to business to build their online identity, connect them with customers and increase footfalls and improve revenues.






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    Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Quality Developers

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      Our Speciality

      Our Development expertise

      We have delivered very satisfactory work to our clients and help them to achieve their goal for their businesses of varying sizes. We ensure credibility by helping our client to accomplish their vision with our communication and work culture.

      • Project Manager
        • Helps to create proper requirement based on clients vision
        • Review Budget and create proper MVP phase
        • Review technical feasibility and Create product workflow
        • Prepare a plan and assignment of Team + PMS tool + Versioning tool
        • Share SCRUM planning of each week with the client for outline of the work and delivery
      • Based on project size and scale, expert laravel developer(s) will be allocated to project
        • Create the infrastructure
        • Usage of laravel architecture, libraries , external API collaboration, bundle development planning, for front side vue.js/ react.js/ native.js
        • Constant code and structure review to maintain scalability of the product
      • Quality Check Team
        • Manually testing
        • Automation testing
        • Scaling testing
        • Load testing
        • Security testing

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      Why Hire Web Application Developers from iFlair?

      Dedicated Developers   |   40/80/160 Working Hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models  |  Simple & Transparent Pricing and invoicing  Agile Methodology   |  Demo meeting and trial starting with beginner package    Strict NDA Signed for Complete Privacy   Faster Resource Accessibility and on demand additional supply without any hidden clause  Focus on Your Core Business and goal to enhance it  Large Technical Pool with wider Technology Stack  Client Satisfaction is Our top most Priority

      Steve Rushton

      Director of Net Effect, UK

      Simone Bernazzi


      Roeland Schaart


      Sonny Geerts



      How do I get involved in the web application development process?

      The answer is yes. Web applications are built on our servers, and authorization codes and credentials are provided to you. As a result, you will be able to track the progress of the development of your website online.

      During the Progress of my Project, Who will be the Point of Contact to get my project updates?

      We believe in full transparency and regular updates. You may contact any assigned team member to get an update on their respective task. To help you with smoother operations and project delivery, we recommend you stay connected with the project manager, who will regularly update the project progress status with appropriate project tools, communication channels, and frequent virtual meetings.


      During the development process, we assign a project manager to assist you. Further, you can contact the hired developer directly via email, Skype, Basecamp, or phone. Depending on your requirements, you can share your web application development technologies, frameworks, or features here.

      Progressive Web App: How does it work?

      A progressive web app is a hybrid of a regular webpage and a mobile app developed using a new software development methodology. By combining web browser features with the benefits of native-like mobile experiences, this new custom web application model offers an impressive combination of features.


      By translocating the benefits of native apps to the mobile browser, PWAs bridge the gap between native apps and web apps.

      Will my data be secure as the compilation of the project?

      Yes, we understand the importance and safety of your valuable data. We assure you that any external parties cannot access your data.

      What are the business benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

      PWA will benefit any business in the following ways:


      • In comparison with native mobile applications, it is easier and cheaper to acquire new users.
      • It reduces costs (places browsers and native mobile apps under one team rather than separate units).
      • Increased user engagement (due to low page loading time, an increase in the number of new users in all browsers by 104%).
      • Search engine visibility is improved.
      • The mobile application deployment time is not an issue (Apple/Google verification, etc.)
      • A faster performance has been achieved on the page.

      Will we get sole ownership of the source files once the project is completed?

      Yes, we will send the source files to you. We typically work in work made to hire model, and our clients own the source code and IP rights.

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