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    In iFlair, Our 17+ Experienced Android Experts provides cutting edge android solutions worldwide which transform your business idea into successful virtual reality across all digital platforms. We are highly proficient to develop multifunctional, dynamic, high speed, highly responsive and futuristic Android applications.


    Type of Innovative application we have successfully delivered


    • eCommerce app
    • Gaming Applications
    • Tours & Travel Apps
    • Healthcare Apps
    • Edutech Application
    • Fintech Applications

    Trusted by Leading Brands and Start-Up

    Technical Expertise of our Android Developer

    We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business.

    Android Advance Features

    Scan Qr Code | Face Recognition | Sound Amplifier | Gesture Navigation | Bluetooth LE connection | Call Screening and redirection


    Rest API | Google map and Here map Api | Google Analytics | Firebase Crashlytics | Skyscanner | Payment Method Integration | Social media

    Languages to use

    Java | Kotlin

    Third Party Library

    Image Picker | Action Bar Design | View Pager Indicator | Retrofit | Google GSON | Volley | Picasso | Active Android

    Version Control

    Github | Bitbucket | Gitlab

    Payment Integration

    Swedish BankID | PayPal | Stripe, PayuMoney | Credit card & Debit card | Crypto currency | Razor Pay

    Development tools & Editors

    Android Studio | Visual Studio | Dcoder | Quick Edit | Code Anywhere | Pocket Editor

    UX Designing and Integration

    Dark Theme and Light Theme

    Other Language Collaboration

    C++ | C# | Ionic | Dart (Flutter) | HTML, CSS, Javascript using Phone gap framework

    App Live Platforms

    Play store

    Communication Tool

    Skype | Google Meet | Slack  | Discount Microsoft Team | Hangout | Zoom


    Unit Testing | Integration Testing | Automation | Security


    MongoDB | MariaDB | PostgreSQL | MySQL

    Project Management Tools

    JIRA | Trello | BaseCamp | Target Process | TeamWork | Mondays | Asana

    Our Hard-Earned Reputed Work


    We have designed and developed Bringish mobile application which offers similar features like Uber taxi application where customer can create order shipment request and get in touch with the driver to accomplish their shipment. After shipment order request get publish, driver can accept or reject shipment.Once shipment is accepted, driver can deliver shipment to the delivery person and take signature for delivery confirmation while admin can keep track of drivers, shipment order status and Payment.

    Android +


    Freight Transport




    We have developed an android app that makes travelling journey more interesting. Travelers can create a trip and able to add 10 places for each trip with different sections/sub-sections into that. The application offers a pre-created template or custom template for the trip. Travelers can search POI (Point of Interest) by adding name, place and type like hotel, museum, restaurant, fortress etc. Travelers can search places on Google map and add them to their trip

    Android +






    iFlair has developed app for facia organization where patients can view list of therapist near their location. They can view contact number, away km and address in therapist menu. Patients can also search relevant therapist from the list. Patients can also tap on any specific therapist to view details like contact number, contact email, address etc.




    Health and Fitness




    We have designed and developed quality mobile application for restaurants to increase their sales process a lot easier and convenient for their waiters with the selection of floor, table and food items from one place. The whole application is functioning on synchronize process of local network and mobile application. On the start of the application, waiters will download the latest XML.


    Android + SQLite & XML


    Food & Drink



    An impeccable mobile app for end users where they travel from one place to another along with various way points as per the different locations from the application. We will also provide the option where the user selects the particular travelling mode for their respective tour or journey from the application.


    IOS + React Native






    Years Experience




    Satisfied Customer


    Successful Project

    Our Speciality

    Android Functionality

    Our Development expertise

    We have delivered very satisfactory work to our clients and help them to achieve their goal for their businesses of varying sizes. We ensure credibility by helping our client to accomplish their vision with our communication and work culture.

    All our clients are facilitate by the team which is group of

    • Project Manager
      • Helps to create proper requirement based on clients vision
      • Review Budget and create proper MVP phase
      • Review technical feasibility and Create product workflow
      • Prepare a plan and assignment of Team + PMS tool + Versioning tool
      • Share SCRUM planning of each week with the client for outline of the work and delivery
    • Based on project size and scale, expert Android developer(s) will be allocated to project
      • Healthcare Projects with advanced IOT devices integration with Android & Tablet devices.
      • Application Version Upgrade, Modules customization, Third party Library & SDK Integration, Multi-Language Solution.
      • In advance development planning of Latest Electronics devices integration with app like Bluetooth connection, CCTV Camera Integration, payment gateway Integration, Live TV and Events Broadcasting, Ads Integration, Firebase connection, Graphical Report.
      • Performance optimization, Code and security audit and project deployment on Play store.
    • Quality Check Team
      • Manual testing
      • Automation testing
      • Load testing
      • Security testing

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    Why Hire Android Developers from iFlair?

    • Dedicated Developers
    • Flexible Hiring Models: 40/80/160 Hours/Month
    • Transparent Pricing
    • Agile Methodology
    • Free Demo & Trial Package
    • Strict Adherence to NDA
    • Fast & Easy Resource Accessibility
    • Enabling clients to focus on their Core Business
    • Extensive Tech Expertise
    • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction
    • 24/7 Support
    • Custom Solutions
    • Seamless Communication

    Steve Rushton

    Director of Net Effect, UK

    Simone Bernazzi


    Roeland Schaart


    Sonny Geerts


    Hire Android Developer as Per Your Need

    Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Quality Developers

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      What are the most suitable programming languages for developing Android applications?

      Java is the most commonly used programming language for Android application development, but we also use Kotlin, C#, and C++ to build Android applications.

      How much will it cost to build an Android application?

      The cost of android development is determined by several factors, including technology, functionality, features, UI/UX, and development effort.

      How do I get regular updates on the development or progress of my project?

      Our project delivery manager will contact you to provide regular updates on the project’s progress. Also, we use different PMS tools for regular development updates.

      Do you provide a dedicated Project Manager for my Android Application Development Services?

      Yes! We will assign you a trustworthy and dedicated project manager for your Android Application development project. Our project manager will keep you updated on project development and other details.

      Do you offer any post-completion support or maintenance?

      Absolutely! After all, projects are completed, we provide unbeatable support. As real partners, we will provide assistance and maintenance whenever necessary.

      Will I receive a report for the completed work?

      Yes, our project manager will provide hourly reports of work completed as a trustworthy organization. Where necessary, we can also provide weekly and monthly reports.

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