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Special Features

  • Customer
    • Create order request – Keep track of drive – View delivery charges – Keep track of drive – Pay in credit card to administrator via stripe
  • Driver
    • View shipment notification – View map navigation of individual order – Deliver shipment
  • Company
    • Driver Monitoring – Book order review – View Booked Shipment details – View Order Request Details – Manage Drivers


We have designed and developed Bringish mobile application which offers similar features like Uber taxi application where customer can create order shipment request and get in touch with the driver to accomplish their shipment. After shipment order request get publish, driver can accept or reject shipment.Once shipment is accepted, driver can deliver shipment to the delivery person and take signature for delivery confirmation while admin can keep track of drivers, shipment order status and Payment.


  • Customer features
    • Order Request
      • Customers have options to choose either “place order and deliver to me” or “Request for shipment”.
      • If customer have purchase something from shop then he can ask driver to pick the order from shop.
      • If customer wants to deliver his parcel to other place then he will select “Request for shipment”.
    • Order Upload
      • Customers can add order number, order description and upload image of order.

  • Confirm Order Request
    • Customers can view and confirm all the details that they fill the order creation and send it to driver as notification
  • Shipment Details
    • Once customer select vehicle, customer can add shipment details & receiver details
  • Vehicle Estimation
    • On successful shipment delivery by driver, sender will get push notifications
    • Customers can view estimation of each vehicle.
    • Once customers accept any vehicle below that, customer can view estimated cost based on selection of vehicle and details.
  • Shipment History
    • Customer can view past and upcoming shipment details.
  • Instant Push Notification
    • Customer can view notifications they received from system.

  • Driver Features
    • Booked Orders & Shipments
      • If driver wants to see route of shipment then they will click on “Map” icon, which will navigate to map screen.
      • Drivers will change their status based on appropriate actions like reached pickup point, received parcel, start journey, reach destination point, parcel delivered, take e-sign and completed.
    • Order Request Details
      • Once driver change status to parcel received, he will redirect to shipment weight screen.
    • View Order Request
      • Driver can view list of shipment requests got from different customers.
      • Driver have options to accept or reject shipment request by taing on accept or reject icon.
    • Instant Push Notification
      • Driver can view notifications they received from system.


  • Company Features
    • Drivers Monitoring
      • Companies can monitor drivers of his companies over Google map.
    • Booked Orders & Shipments
      • Companies can view list of booked orders for order request or shipment request
      • Once company click on book now button, they need to assign driver and vehicle for that order.
    • Manage Drivers
      • Companies can view list of drivers, add new drivers, edit existing drivers and delete drivers.
    • Payment history
      • Companies can view list of payment that received and pending.
    • Instant Push Notification
      • Admin can view notifications they received from system.

  • Back Office Manage
    • Sub admin Management
    • Companies Management
    • Vehicle Management
    • Driver Management
    • Order Management
    • Monitor Vehicle
    • Settings
      • Manage Email Template
      • Manage Company Information
      • Manage Price Settings for shipment
      • Manage Add size and weight of tons
      • Manage Roles and Permission
      • Manage Monitor vehicle

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