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    iFlair develops software development across a wide range of technologies, including front-end prototyping and comprehensive back-end services. Our full-stack development services will enable you to achieve greater growth. Our full-stack developers have been creating scalable solutions for over a decade using front-end and back-end frameworks and database management tools.


    As the most-preferred full stack development company, we ensure that our dedicated full stack development team is assisting you with the various stages of the development process. iFlair ranks amongst the top full-stack developers in the professional arena. With extensive market experience and in-depth knowledge, we know the art of creating stunning apps. Full-stack development encompasses numerous aspects, from front-end technologies and databases to back-end technologies and version control features. Our team of developers has profound experience working in professional sectors.

    Trusted by Leading Brands and Start-Up

    Technical Expertise of our Full Stack Developer

    We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business


    React JS | Angular JS | Vue JS| jQuery | Bootstrap | HTML 5


    Node JS | PHP | Ruby on Rails | PHP | Java | Express JS


    MySQL | Oracle | MongoDB | MariaDB | MS-SQL | Firebase


    AWS | Internet Information | Service Apache HTTP | Server | LIGHTTPD | NGINX


    Load Balancing | Partitioning | CDNs


    Manual | Automation | Lood | Security | Selenium | Test Rail | Browserstack


    Notepad++ | Sublime | Visual Studio | Eclipse

    OS and platforms

    Ubuntu | Centos | Docker | Kubernetes

    Communication Tool

    Skype | Google Meet | Slack

    Project Management Tools

    Trello | JIRA | Zoho | Team Work | Asana

    Version Control

    BGithub | Bitbucket | Gitlab


    Amazon Web Services | Microsoft Azure | Google Cloud Platform

    Our Hard-Earned Reputed Work

    Net Effect

    We have developed web marketing solutions for Net Effect which target Travel Businesses. As Development Agency with Net-Effect we have developed 170+ travel websites and managing 50,000+ properties & 10,00,000 cruise details which help travel agents to grow their business and seize future opportunities.


    Travel Websites





    We have developed compliance checker functionality which monitors products and initiate alerts for any missing regulatory data or documents. It generates simple to understand, actionable tasks which can also be assigned to team members or contracted professionals such as safety assessor or laboratory


    Cosmetri Database


    Dedicated Developers


    Years Success

    We have built next-generation web-based shops to satisfy 360 degree requirements of leading European wholesaler with centralize inventory, multi-channel sale integration, supplier management, POS integration and complete focus on usability & design with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition.




    within 24 hrs


    Back Warranty

    Salsa World Class

    We have developed network where anyone can learn to dance online from some of the world’s best teachers. The website will have 3 types of members which are divided in schools, teachers and students.Salsa world make videos with different Level (beginner, intermediate, advance) & release it for different schools.

    Laravel +
    Mobile Development


    Dedicated Developers


    Years Success

    Lets Task

    We have created the Lets task application which provides a platform to the user for outsourcing household tasks. They instantly connect the user with skilled Tasker to help with odd-jobs and errands. Users can select what type of Task they need & a set of Specialists will be offered to them which best fits their needs.






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    Years Experience




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    Successful Project

    Our Speciality

    Why Hire Full Stack Developers from iFlair?

    Dedicated Developers   |   40/80/160 Working Hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models  |  Simple & Transparent Pricing and invoicing  Agile Methodology   |  Demo meeting and trial starting with beginner package    Strict NDA Signed for Complete Privacy   Faster Resource Accessibility and on demand additional supply without any hidden clause  Focus on Your Core Business and goal to enhance it  Large Technical Pool with wider Technology Stack  Client Satisfaction is Our top most Priority

    Steve Rushton

    Director of Net Effect, UK

    Simone Bernazzi


    Roeland Schaart


    Sonny Geerts


    Hire Full Stack Developer as Per Your Need


    Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Quality Developers

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      Our Development expertise

      Highly efficient developers have to work on diverse platforms and frameworks. When it comes down to building rich internet applications, Angular JS emerges as the best development framework. By offering the opportunity to create client-side apps on error-free MVC model, Angular JS redefines app development in ways more than one.

      • Affordable solutions
      • Technical consulting
      • Proven methodologies with Quality services
      • Industry-specific solutions
      • HTML vocabulary
      • Client-side server development

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      How does Full Stack Web Development differ from Generic Web Development?

      Full-stack websites are generally developed faster, reducing overall development costs and maintenance costs as well. Generic web development might not get built as quickly and save money.

      Are there any main benefits to using Full Stack web development services?

      There are many benefits to using Full Stack web development services, such as easy switching between front-end and back-end processes, working on the entire design structure at any level, savings in costs, and ease of updating the site.

      Why should you choose full-stack web development services for your project?

      From front-end to comprehensive back-end technologies, iFlair specializes in a wide variety of technologies. A full-stack developer from iFlair can help boost your company’s growth.

      Do your full-stack developers make my website SEO friendly?

      Yes, we have skilled designers and developers who know how important it is to keep your website SEO-friendly. In other words, we consider all the important SEO aspects to ensure that your website ranks higher.

      Do you offer any post-completion support or maintenance?

      Absolutely! After all, projects are completed, we provide unbeatable support. Moreover, as real partners, we will provide assistance and maintenance whenever necessary.

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