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Special Features

  • Import floor plan, table plan and food items from XML format
  • Waiters have option to view Floor wise layout.
  • Each floor have table wise layout
  • Occupied and vacant tables are display in different colors.
  • Application is built on Dutch language.
  • Option to choose multiple food items with more categories.
  • Order will be generate in XML format and send over the server.
  • Orders will be sending over server only if wireless network strength is good.


We have designed and developed quality mobile application for restaurants to increase their sales process a lot easier and convenient for their waiters with the selection of floor, table and food items from one place. The whole application is functioning on synchronize process of local network and mobile application. On the start of the application, waiters will download the latest XML.

Waiters can view floor design plan after logged in. Based on selection of floor plan, waiters will select table of that floor. Waiters will start taking up orders from available categories and items options for that categories. Waiters have all other general options of orders like add quantity, remove items from the cart, view final order details. After confirmation of the order, order will be sent to server as XML.

We have developed special synchronization process for sending orders to server. Order will be sent over the server only if wireless network connection bandwidth has strength less than -70, else it will store xml file in local and sent later when bandwidth strength is good.


  • Download XML:
    • Display list of waiters.
    • Display date and time of downloaded XML file
  • Validate waiters:
    • Once waiters, login through their name and password, Waiters authentication will be validate via XML file.
  • Sales Location:
    • After that, waiters can see floor wise restaurant layout with tables.
    • After selecting table, waiters will be move to Order screen.
    • Occupied and Vacant table will be displayed with different colors.

  • Orders
    • Waiters will take orders based on categories displayed.
    • Based on the selected category, available items will be displayed.
    • If any item have then it will display them for waiter to choose.
    • Waiters can add more quantity of a single item by clicking on same item again.
    • Waiters can remove any item by long pressing.
    • Waiters have option to send order to server with print bill command.
    • Waiter can view the current order.
    • By clicking on send button, order will be sent to server in XML format.
    • If any item has topping options then it will navigate to “Item Option Screen” and after choosing the option order will be placed. Order placing will be same as explained above.

  • Item Options
    • Some products have options attached so waiter will automatically go to the option screen.
    • If waiter wants to select 1 or multiple options that will be added with the relevant item. (For e.g. Pizza item will have different toppings. So waiter can select the toppings as per the requirement that will be attached with order.)
  • Order History:
    • Waiter can view their order history for that particular day only.

Damien Butler
Damien Butler

Our online store needed re-configuring after a new server and platform change. We had used iFlair in the past and found their work excellent. We decided to call on them again to restore our online store to working order. In our opinion they went above and beyond our expectations and got to work without any fuss. They kept us updated daily and got the job finished in minimal time. We found their rates to be excellent and I can only say that their level of professionalism and expertises are top notch. I highly recommend them.

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