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Special Features

  • Therapists
    • Users can view list of therapists near their location with details like therapists name, away from your location, contact number and address.
    • Users can search therapists by their name.
    • Users can view therapists details like name. address, contact number and contact email by tapping on specific therapists.
    • Users have options to view get directions that will open Google map to view direction.
  • Contact
    • Users can view different contact details of app publisher.


iFlair has developed app for facia organization where patients can view list of therapist near their location. They can view contact number, away km and address in therapist menu. Patients can also search relevant therapist from the list. Patients can also tap on any specific therapist to view details like contact number, contact email, address etc.


Patients can also view latest news and available jobs. Patients can view latest activities done by fascia organization. Patients can view any notification if they receive from backend.

  • Activities
    • Users can view list of activities with date, location and goal audience.
  • Notification
    • Users can view any notification from backend.
  • Setting
    • Users have options to on/off notification.
    • Users have options to on/off sharing location.
    • Users have options to change password.
    • Users have options to provide feedback.

  • Jobs
    • Users can view list of jobs with job title, job location, job description, contact number and contact email..
  • Group lessons
    • Users can view list of group lessons with group title, location, lesson description, contact number and contact email.
  • News
    • Users can view list of latest news with news date, title and description

Robert Roos
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