Top 5 Figures That Lead To Building up an Effective eCommerce Site

Mar 23, 2022 |

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As most of the startups are opting for eCommerce business these days and following path of big giants like Amazon, FlipKart, Myntra, eBay etc and they have right reasons to follow them as they hold a market share of retail/fashion industry with more than 50% and it keeps increasing. And on top of this, lots of initiatives from government regarding digitization are helping this industry to grow and become unstoppable.

Considering the trend, here we are sharing the most important features companies need to opt for their eCommerce business to get good boost and grow in the market. This is highly recommended for startups.

Top Features that lead to building up an effective eCommerce site & business:

  • Platform/Theme [First and Foremost Step] : Well, this is base for everything; it’s a pillar on which your business will be dependent so you need to choose it carefully. There are lots of popular platforms available to use but we highly recommend using WordPress or Magento.

WordPress is best if you have budget constraint and fewer products to show on site. WordPress is very efficient if you also want to keep blogs on website. Talking about Magento, it’s most successful and widely used platform these days and there are right reasons for the same and those are: As its admin is easily understandable and manageable. This is what a non-technical person prefers who wants to manage admin on their own. It’s also preferable for companies who have huge catalogue to show on website and that is what trending in eCommerce. Also companies are opting for latest magento version which is version2 for its advanced features. You can review more information about Magento 2 here – Magento Migration brochure

  • Search Engine Optimization [Be Found] : With increasing competition, it becomes most important to be amongst top in search engine when people searching for relevant product/merchandise. SEO has become blood for running successful business. It is important to use perfect key words on website in order to be found and for that guidance you need perfect team and iFlair can be the one for you. Review on of the case study of our client “FlightTime
  • User Friendly Directions [No Confusion Please…] : What turns on people shopping on website?? Its visible presence and proper navigation and guidance to have superb shopping experience. A customer wants to shop without any confusion and misguidance. As a company, you need to make sure there is proper path which a layman can follow.
  • Checkout process [Money is important so pay attention to this] : If an individual is not comfortable with checkout process then you can expect a BIG question mark with money inflow. Okay, he/she had an amazing time reviewing the products and information but when it comes to checkout, if it is a complex process then individual will not proceed and the products will forever remain in shopping cart so keep this process very SIMPLE.
  • Website Content [Each word is important] : It’s a misconception that people put their whole focus on images. NO, they do read content as well. Talking about, it includes, proper and relevant headings, detailed product information. Obviously you don’t want to face hassle of keep exchanging the products with customers, so it’s better to provide them all relevant information in advance.
  • Online Marketing Strategy [Competing is not EASY] : There are so many eCommerce portals these days so it becomes highly important to be best at marketing strategies to attract customers. So what to include in marketing strategy is a BIG question. You need to be active on social media as people prefer to review the pages and customer ratings before they spend. Also attracting them with new arrivals and various discount offers is a best strategy ANY DAY. Providing offers on Mobile and email is highly preferable but make sure it’s not repetitive as it leads to irritation. You need to have good marketing team in order to pull things up for your business.

Thanks for investing your time in reading this article and to get step closer to all the above mentioned solutions, please visit our pages of ecommerce-development and lets connect so that we can provide you relevant solutions which can help you to keep a MARK in this competitive eCommerce business.

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