b2b business with shopify development

The Blooming of B2B Business with Shopify Development

Sep 13, 2023 |

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b2b business with shopify development

The demand for B2B e-commerce will be approximately raised to 80% by the year 2025. Almost all B2B buyers demand the same products and services to achieve the same user experience that customers can enjoy with products/services. But, 50% or more of customers are unsatisfied with B2B e-commerce services. While talking about B2B, it is one type of business conducted between two companies to deliver quality to the customers. Comparatively B2C, B2C is having more chances to generate more revenue. If you are a Shopify Development Company, then it is the opportunity to succeed your business in the B2B business model.

B2B transactions can be conducted for various types of websites; some of the websites are as below:

1) Service-based Website:

If your company offers any service and you have a service-based website, starting a business via the B2B model is easy. The targeted audience of the company website is the business clients and companies looking for the services you are offering. Some of the business websites are selling directly from the B2B website. These types of websites have exclusive details of the specific services that other businesses are looking for.

2) E-commerce Store

If you sell products online, you can sell products directly to businesses. Here, the procurement of the product and exchanging the products are the most important tasks. It allows the agent of the shop/business to supply materials from multiple retailers and merchants. E-commerce supply exchange is suitable for many industries apart from e-commerce business.

3) Informative Site

Informative sites are known as ‘infomediaries’, which provide information about the business and the details of employees working with the organization. Generally, it covers the special knowledge of the website business and industry of the standard organization.

4) Real-estate Website

Real estate or brokering is a business mainly focused on B2B. Online brokering sites are bridging the gap between the brokering service providers and customers looking for services like leasing property, buying or renting property, and other related services.

5) Special Sites or Portals

When looking for particular information about related businesses, the specialized portals are the best option to reach the companies and grow your market. These sites have product listings, discussion groups, forums, and other features of the specific business.

How Shopify Helps to Bloom Your B2B Business?

1) Creating Quantity Rules

Shopify allows B2B merchants and vendors to set up the quantity rules for the products and the products’ variants. It also allows creating rules for the customers, like welcoming merchants with e-mails, adding or customizing meta fields to company information and company location, and enabling tracking of the knowledge of the unique customers. They can curate products and share product catalogues tailored to the business requirements. Shopify allows merchants to customize checkout and payment methods, set up custom B2B logic, simplify product reordering, and offer other beneficial options to business owners to grow their network in B2B marketing.

2) Streamlining of Order Process

Shopify winter edition brings many updates for streamlining the process of orders for both parties – merchants and customers. It includes draft orders so merchants can review and approve the products before sending them to the customers, an automatic order approval system and consumers can request a quote online for further details regarding purchasing online. It also includes setting up the limitations of using credit cards to make payments online, payment reminders via different methods to the customers, invoices for draft orders of the clients, and enabling policy to make the amount due on fulfilment payment terms, which the seller’s business party has decided. This way, it enhances the reliability and robustness of the business. Additionally, it helps businesses to grow continuously in the e-commerce business market.

3) B2B APIs

The new release in Shopify has launched the new B2B API suites, which enable developers to build new build, better, and correct business solutions for merchants who are connected in B2B. It includes company API for adding meta fields, company location, and other important details of the company, PriceList API to link PriceList with catalog to show different prices to the B2B buyers, and Catalogs API to set rules that can fix the issues related to the availability of the product, and the costs of development in various situations. It helps offer wholesale product offerings and set loyalty programs. Apart from these APIs, Shopify is offering other APIs like Publication API, API for Order and DraftOrder, and Payment Terms API, which can be implemented on the website for various purposes as per the requirements of the merchants and sellers.

4) Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions in Shopify web development are more beneficial to streamlining the process of B2B business. It keeps the company updated with the latest technologies and trends in the website or online store development. Handling B2B features becomes easy, and users will have the expected results. Apart from this, it offers versatilities and scalability to the business website to reach desired business goals. Customer software development or solutions are more secure and affordable in B2B industries.

Boost Sales and Customer Engagement with Shopify Development


B2B is more likely to make the audience aware of your business faster. It serves the best results in the industries and offers them successful outcomes. When you are working with Shopify, choosing a way of B2B is the ultimate solution for rapidly growing your Shopify Development business. iFlair is the best Shopify Ecommerce Website Development Company providing B2B web development solutions and offering them successful results.

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