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Magento 2.4.4


Cameras and camera accessories like lenses, and lights



Special Features

  • Rental products :
    • We have customized Salesigniter extension which is helpful for the send and return rentals page to allow you to check out and check in rentals.
    • Checkout and check-in history page filterable by order or product.
    • Serial numbers can be checked out and checked in either by starting to type the first number of the serial/barcode or scanning it with a keyboard-compatible scanner.
    • The following is useful for product tracking with the help of extension :
      • Rental products can use either quantity-based or serial number-based tracking.
      • Serial numbers have a note field and date-acquired tracking.
      • Rentals can be set to allow overbooking or not.
    • The following are the points for Inventory :
      • Inventory can be checked out or returned early and can be reserved early if the product is checked out early. It can also have the rental end date changed to the date the item is actually returned.
      • Manually reserving inventory is useful for when you have special events or offline orders that you do not want to enter customer details or payments for.
    • Multi Warehouse Fulfillment Locations (Requires Multi Inventory Center License) means you can set up multi warehouses and stock fulfillment locations along with advanced shipping distance calculation algorithms are built-in.
    • The following are the things which can be managed by Admin :
      • All customer data can be managed from the admin panel
      • Customer groups that can be used for tax settings, discounts, and pricing
      • Guest checkout can be enabled or disabled
      • Customers can manage their address, shopping cart, and wish list
      • Order status and history from their customer account area
  • PostFinance payment method
    • Make payments on the go, check your balance or custody account transactions, manage and block your card – all these and many other financial options are available in just a few clicks via the PostFinance extension. The app is constantly being improved and enhanced with new features such as the option to make international payments.
  • Filter payment extension :
    • It is useful to Show/Check money order payments for only government and firm staff.


  • This is a B2B marketplace where it rents its product to different business owners.
  • Blog Customization:
    • We have customized this extension structure and customized the date before it gets half a day as per US Standard time.
    • After our customization we get the full date according to Switzerland standard.
  • Chat options:
    • We’ve integrated WhatsApp chat and live chat for customers to provide all solutions in real time.

Key Features

  • Theme Integration – SM Market theme integration
    • It provides a mega menu
    • It provides a quick view feature, and Ajax adds to the cart product
  • Amasty Extension:
    • One-step checkout makes it easier to place an order for the customer
  • Swissup SEO extension: The following are the key features that we’re getting through this SwissUp SEO Extension
    • Top Equipment
    • Cheap prices
    • Delivery readiness level 99%
    • Long-term rentals possible
  • Quick View:
    • Implemented Quick View so that it’s easy to see more products’ details in less time and we can stay on the same page while doing this.
    • Navigation product details become easier with the help of this.

Lensrent is created in Magento 2 technology, for the B2B module. They provide lenses to different businesses on rent.

We’ve provided a live chat as well as implemented WhatsApp chat here so that in case any business partner has any issue it gets resolved in real-time.

Implemented SEO in such a way that it contains more keywords and shorter links as much as possible.

Make this site User friendly so it’s easy to navigate the site and improve the User Experience for the same.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • CMS Technology : Magento2
  • Back-end language : PHP
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery

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