About Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse was founded by a business leader and HR partner to offer a solution that simplifies processes for business owners, allowing them to prioritize their focus on core business activities while minimizing their involvement in HR tasks.

Wheelhouse can be used in a business processes:

  • HR Efficiency
    • Simplifying onboarding, documentation, and compensation processes.
  • Employee Retention
    • Identifying growth areas to foster personal and organizational development.
  • Team development
    • Enhancing strategic planning and goal-setting for skill improvement.
  • Recruitment & Coaching
    • Prioritizing talent acquisition and providing personalized support for maximizing potential.
About Wheelhouse
Issues faced by Wheelhouse

Issues faced by Wheelhouse

Complex HR processes

Unfocused Content Strategy

Team Evaluation and Feedback

Analytics & reporting using calculation

No dynamic Solution

Our Approach

How we started

  • Brainstorming session
    • SPW – Single Page website, Dynamic solution, Showing content to the user what they are interested in.
  • Content strategy for targeting audience
    • Deep understanding of the target audience, Compelling Headline Color palette, Engage visuals strategically.
  • Dynamic Solution
    • Label Management : Change labels according to organization needs and upload it into the back end so that they can have their own process into the front-end.
wheels approach

The challenge

Changing Real time Data

  • Considering the website’s SPW (Single Page Website) format, its features must smoothly function within a cohesive page layout.

Reporting and Analytics in real time

  • After inputting all team details, reports must be consolidated on a single page for evaluating individual behavior, with backend calculations facilitating this process.

Voting and Results

  • User voting and results can be shown by the coach or mentor when they are having meetings with the employees or students.

Workflow Process

  • Integrating feedback loops and implementing continuous improvement mechanisms are essential for refining the workflow process.

Content Strategy

  • Targeting the audience in every process using compelling headings.

SWOT Analysis



  • Personalized learning experience

Analytics and reporting

  • Areas of improvement, Effectiveness of training


Technical Issue

  • Downtime can cause issue for learners and sessions

Content Quality


Partnerships and collaboration

Integrate with other system

  • Add value to your organization



  • Differentiate strategies & approach is required

Data Security

  • Trust and confidence

Strategic solutions

Front end

  • Reflect
    • Choose between “Reflect” and “7 Ideals” to answer questions and set ambitious goals.
  • Discovery
    • Initiate discussions with team members, pose questions, vote on impactful ones, and collaboratively provide answers.
  • Strategy
    • Input visions, goals, and purposes, track progress, categorize objectives, and note reasons for delays.

Key Modules created

  • User, Team and Company Management
  • Seven ideals
    • Principle, standards, beliefs of an organization or team can be added for coaching or mentoring the employee or group of people.
  • Label Management
    • Download sample of label and change according to your organization standard it will be reflected on the front- end.

Score (Talent)


Results achieved

Increased Engagement

  • Increased completion rates, and active participation in discussions and activities for growth and development.

Data driven decision making

  • Identifying trends, analyzing team outcomes, improving processes, and fostering strategic thinking can significantly contribute to the success of organizations.

Streamline Process

  • This product offers assistance to organizations struggling with implementing new processes by enabling them to make data-driven decisions regarding HR, training, and employee development.

Easy integration with the system

  • Simplifying processes and improving overall efficiency.

Technologies used

PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel

















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