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Gym wear for men and women


United Kingdom

Special Features

  • 25% Off on Registration.
    • Implemented a popup so that whenever this website gets open it shows a popup to registration. And by doing the same it gives 25% discount on the purchase for the same.
  • Quick View
    • Implemented quick view with the help of Qikify Quick View popup on the product listing page. That helps to view the product details by remaining on the same page.
  • Pick-up from store
    • For the delivery option, we’ve also kept the pick-up option in which users can collect their product from the store itself and it’ll get available within 24 hours for the same. And there are no extra charges applied for this option.


  • Klarna payment
    • For the payment method, we’ve implemented the Klarna method to purchase the products.
  • Return policy
    • For any issue with the product or for any reason the user would like to return/exchange the product that option is available on the website so that it becomes easy for the user to purchase any products without any hesitation for the same.
  • Tabs on product detailed page
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented two tabs like structure for description, and the reviews.
    • That helps to know about the product, as well as the review of the product for the same.

Key Features

  • Similar products
    • On the product detailed page, implement similar products in the name of “You may also like”, in which similar products will be visible with different styles, and color variations based on the products.
  • Size guiden
    • Create a separate page for the size guide in which the chart is visible to select a proper number of sizes for every product for the same.
  • Hover effect on image
    • When we hover over any product from its listing page, it shows a different image of the same product. It helps to see multiple images of the same product with different angles for the same.
  • Color variations
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented a color variation option in which the user can select any color of the product by seeing the image with that particular color selected and the same will be visible as the image.

Validate Fashion is a Shopify-based ecommerce store that sells clothing related to gym wear. It carries a collection for men and women. It also has its offline store available for the same.
We’ve implemented multiple functionalities based on user experience made the flow easy to understand, and implemented the same.

Functionality like, return policy through our website, quick view with the help of Qikify popup, tabs on product detailed page, size guide, and a lot more. That helps to increase the user experience from viewing the product to purchasing the one for the same.

Also, implemented multiple payment options, along with pick-up from the store on the checkout page as a plus point!

Hence, Validate Fashion is a go-to store for gym lovers, that helps to get their best-fit product in the easiest, and shortest process possible!

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Impulse

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