About Truck and Trail Performance(TTP)

TTP is the ultimate destination for comprehensive truck and trailer maintenance services across Europe. It specializes in delivering spare parts and maintenance services right to your doorstep, ensuring convenience for the valuable customers

With a network of around 4,000 workshops, the dedicated team is equipped to handle all aspects of installing new parts and servicing the vehicles. At TTP, it prioritizes cost reduction, enhanced security, and time savings for our clients. TTP mission is to provide exceptional service at competitive prices, ensuring your vehicles remain in top condition with minimal downtime.

Issues faced by TTP

Inventory Management

Data Management

Notification Management


Nearby services by TTP

Documents for Accounting

Our Approach

TTP approached us with a problem statement seeking a comprehensive solution that enhances the overall customer experience by optimizing processes and functionalities.

Some of the feature where they asked our help while developing was as follows

  • Sending email from the system
  • Smooth customer experience
  • Supplier process

The challenge

Email Notification for the process

  • Sending them via email to both suppliers and customers directly from the system to ensure timely and accurate billing

Invoice Payment

  • After inputting all team details, reports must be consolidated on a single page for evaluating individual behavior, with backend calculations facilitating this process.

User Role Management

  • Ensure that employees have appropriate access levels, maintaining operational security and efficiency.

SWOT Analysis


Extensive Network

Cost Efficiency

Comprehensive Service

Experienced Team


Supplier Management

Data Management


Customer Experience


Technological Advancements



Supply chain disruptions

Increase in Operational costs

Strategic solutions

  • Use case for the customer
    • Customer details such as area and location will be collected, enabling customer service to fetch the location. The customer service team will then select a nearby supplier capable of providing service within the estimated time provided by the supplier. They will manage the entire process, from coordinating with the customer to completing the service and generating the invoice.
  • Supplier Management
    • TTP will effectively manage supplier details to ensure a wide range of maintenance and service options for truck and trailer-related issues. This comprehensive approach enables TTP to address all service-related needs efficiently.
  • Task Table
    • In the role of customer service personnel at TTP, individuals are responsible for managing service requests from clients. This includes assigning suitable suppliers, addressing service-related inquiries, and determining if the supplier can resolve the issues. If the assigned supplier is unable to address the concerns, prompt action is taken to provide an alternative supplier to the customer.
  • Document (Accounting)
    • For accounting purposes, document management is essential to address any discrepancies between suppliers and customers. Managing documents allows customers to access past details and track maintenance services provided for their trucks and trailers.
  • Customer Feedback
    • Customers will provide ratings and reviews, including feedback on areas needing improvement, to ensure continuous enhancement of services.
  • Supplier Feedback
    • Customers and TTP staff will provide feedback on supplier services, ensuring transparency. Reviews will be shared with customers to maintain transparency.

Project Screenshots

Results achieved

Improved operational efficiency and cost

Increased customer satisfaction

Optimized workflow management

Efficient user access

Technologies used

PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel













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