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Laravel 7.2, MySQL, Use customised REST Api’s, HTML, CSS, PHP, Freepay




Denmark, Sweden and Norway


  • Login or Register with just an email id
  • Advanced Dashboard Search
  • Quick view available for Popular Jobs
  • Ability to quickly apply on a job
  • No restriction on the quantity of job postings
  • Special provisions to convey the applicant preferences
  • Multiple resume uploads for a candidate
  • Selection of any resume for the jobpost
  • Runtime display of the job status and schedule of interviews  Security: Only one login possible from any device
  • Google map support to show exact location of the job location
  • Instant notifications on any update on the job posting

  • Web Backend Management for Super admin (System Owner), Admin (Company) and Consultants
  • Separate logins will be provided for Super admin (System Owner), Admin (Company) and Consultants and depending upon the login views will be shown
  • System owner has access to all modules and screens and data
  • Admin(Company) has access on the modules and data of his own company
  • Admin can create Job managers under it to manage various vacancies
  • Consultants can see job postings if they are included by the Admin for assistance
  • The consultants can support partially or fully depending upon the requirement
  • Consultant Management
  • Company Management
  • Jobs Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Candidate Scrutiny and Shortlisting Functionality
  • Company Management
  • Packages Management
  • Multilingual

We have designed and developed Laravel application with Web frontend for Medical professionals to search for relevant jobs and the same platform to be used by companies offering medical jobs.

The solution ideates as a common platform for the companies and jobseekers to come onboard and mutually benefit from the platform.

The system is supported in multiple languages and can work simultaneously for various countries and all being centrally controlled.

The solution is extensively developed to assist the company to bring onboard relevant resources right from job posting till the final confirmation letter generation and covering all processes in between for multiple screenings, interview and meeting scheduling and finalization of the candidate.

The USP of the system is the facility to accommodate consultants to assist partially or fully in recruitment of ideal candidates for the right posts.

Technology Matrix

  • Database :- My SQL
  • Framework :- Laravel 7.2
  • API :- Use customised REST Api’s
  • Web Fronted :- HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Payment Gateway :- Freepay


  • VA can add and update task on each assigned company.
  • VA can log the time of task by manual and also using inbuilt custom timer.
  • He can use additional hours slot of company if credit hours get fully utilized.
  • VA can add private notes and public notes for each company.
  • VA can and add or update expenses for each company.


  • Admin can view history of Client billing, VA payments and Refunds directly on dashboard itself.
  • Admin can add the company with primary user who works with the portal.
  • He can add Virtual Assistants who can work with multiple companies.
  • Admin can view, add or edit tasks.

  • Display account history like logged, remaining and extra hours of current month and able to do refunds for each company.
  • Display all assigned VAs with all details and expenses added by them for each company.
  • Admins can add/update secondary users for each company.
  • Admin can deactivate the company and VAs in the portal.


  • Company pay for package subscription using the allocated payment method and activate their account in the portal.
  • Primary users can add Secondary users to manage their portal account.
  • They can change their account details like package, extra hours slots, billing date, etc.
  • He can view the history of the current billing cycle and can download payment invoices from the portal.
  • Primary user can add task and assign to the allocated VAs.
  • He can also check the logged time and expense history of the company.

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