About Lead Portal

Lead portal focuses on qualitative volume. They want to deliver high quality leads in high volumes. Lead company focuses on B2C which varies from large mortgage brokers, solar panel companies, dutch lotteries and many more.

Lead portal targets the right audience, convinces them, and follows up with smart inbound marketing funnel, converting interested audience into leads. The leads which are generated are not of 100% quality. So the lead portal verifies those leads via calls, whatsapp or with other methods. After verification it is qualified for sales.

Lead portal has its own in house lead qualification call center. 80% of their leads are qualified and verified by the lead portal. These qualified leads are integrated into the CRM and provide those leads to our partners and clients.

Lead Portal

Issues faced by Lead Portal

Data security


Data accuracy

User experience


Data validation

Our Approach

Lead portal has its own requirements they shared with us. Our team has analyzed those requirements and approached the better solution to them where we added multiple functionality for their future use.

The functionalities lead portal wanted form us were

  • Get leads into the system
  • Verify the leads
  • No duplicate leads
  • Manage clients and add leads to their campaign using the lead portal

The challenge

CRM integration with lead portal

  • Integrating with a CRM to manage a consistent workflow process for clients and streamline operations efficiently.

Data Management

  • Managing data is not easy as we have to ensure secure handling of data for valuable clients who can receive consistent and reliable information from the lead portal.

Verification of leads

  • Lead verification will be ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information within the lead portal. This process enhances data integrity and improves conversion rates.

SWOT Analysis


Data Management

Enhance customer interaction

Competitor analysis




Technology issue


Attract large customer

Use of AI and ML

Customer retention


Cyber attacks

Competitive market

Technological failure and downtime

Strategic solutions

  • Partners process
    • When the partner sends data to the lead portal then there will be a popup which will show the price to the partner for all the custom campaigns. So when we receive leads into the system, the lead portal will pay the partner for that lead conversion.
  • Campaign management
    • Automatic process: Send the leads directly to clients using cron by filtering all the data automatically which has buy the pro plan
    • Manual process: Check the lead manually in the portal, view in our portal, check them and also do filtering the data manually by clients which will be done by the client who has a professional plan. These leads can be viewed first in the waiting line by default
  • Clients process
    • When leads come into the portal then those leads will be sent directly to the client’s user account. Add price according to specific campaign
  • Waiting line, Double and Steam leads
    • Leads generated will be stored in a waiting queue as unfiltered data, which needs to be processed manually or automatically.
    • The lead portal system checks for duplicate leads. It also offers clients the option to exclude any duplicate leads from their data. Client just needs to enable the option.
    • In the steam lead process, leads are first filtered in the waiting line, and then this filtered data is sent to the 3rd party CRM clients.

Project Screenshots

Lead Portal

Results achieved

Data security

  • 2FA authentication
  • Regular updates and checks

Automated workflows

  • Data accuracy
    • Data with error free and mistakes
  • Data filtering
    • Removing irrelevant data points

Streamline sales process

  • Faster lead processing
    • Reduced lead processing time
  • Cost reduction
    • Reduction in leads cost % through automation
  • Reduced manual efforts

Technologies used













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