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Swift for iOS & Java for Android, Php Language 7.3 & Laravel 7.29.3, MySQL 5.7.33-0(Ubuntu), HTML, CSS, jQuery, Push notification for Android, Push notification for iOS


GeoLocation SocialNetworking , Travel Industry




  • Country Selection
    • Users have options to select Countries.
    • Application content will display based on country selection.
  • Sub Category after making selection of country
    • User can select any individual country from the list Republic of Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania.
    • After selecting country user can able to view various detailed information of countries such as posts, media, location of various store, education, Residential culture, family culture, jobs, employment
      for others and fees.
    • As per the country selected by user language of content changes automatically

We have created a perfect mobile app to check web-based interface for different categories such as posts, media, store locator and can view informative details such as business, education, employment and family for various countries naming Republic of Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania.

Users will be able to login and able to see various details of individual country as per the selection made by user.

User of app will receive the notification regarding updates of the mobile application.

Technologies Used

  • Front End (User Mobile App): – Swift for iOS & Java for Android
  • Back End (Admin): – Php Language version 7.3 & Laravel Framework 7.29.3
  • Database: – MySQL 5.7.33-0(Ubuntu)
  • Responsive: – HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Firebase: – Push notification for Android
  • APNS: – Push notification for iOS

Admin Panel

  • Login for Admin
    • Admin needs to login into the admin panel username and password
  • Country Management
    • Admin add, view, edit or delete the countries from listing.
    • Admin can edit and add details of individual country such Flag, name, icon and code for country.
  • Category Management
    • Admin can add/edit/delete the category and details of category of the country from listing
  • Store Locator Management
    • Admin can add/edit/delete the store and details of store of the country from listing.
  • Screen Management
    • Admin can edit the color and logo of mobile screen of front end.
  • User Management
    • Admin can view/edit/ delete users of app from listing. Can view/edit/ delete the details of user of app.

  • Text Management
    • Admin can make changes of the header of text of mobile app.
  • Notification
    • User will get notification by admin for branding and promotion purpose of app. Admin can trigger more than 10,000 notification at a same time.
  • Special Features
    • User can view various details of individual country.
    • User can view the crucial informative details of various countries Republic of Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania can view the content as per the language of country.
    • Admin can trigger 10,000 notifications at a same time.
    • Store locator: – Admin can add/edit/remove stores of the country. User can view available stores in the individual country.

Davide Puzzo

I worked in a team with them on the creation of a custom app. They were very precise and professional, they did not hold back in the face of the constant changes that were required. Task after task did a great job.

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