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Key Metrics

  • Integrated payment systems
  • Budget system based on obtained marks
  • Over 900+ subscribers
  • More than 1000 custom courses

  • Creation of custom courses
  • Implemented over 1500 badges
  • Issued over 1000 certificate

Fly Plugins is a leading e-learning solution provider. It has developed two custom plugins, WP Course and S3 Media Maestro, to enhance users online learning experience.

With Fly Plugins, you can access custom courses tailored to your interests and needs. The instant result feature ensures you get feedback right away, and you can easily subscribe to courses that suit you.

The custom plugins make learning interactive and fun. You can drag and drop answers directly in the frontend, all while enjoying an attractive and user-friendly design. With custom-made plugins, educators can create engaging courses that offer immediate feedback and reward your progress.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • Database : MySQL


  • Ensuring strong user engagement and interaction.
  • Implementing real-time processing of quiz results without performance delays.
  • Creating a scalable system capable of handling increasing user numbers and content.
  • Addressing non-technical client requests, such as displaying results for questions requiring attachments, by implementing multiple conditional checks and providing instant feedback.



  • Course Management: Easily create, update, and remove courses.
  • Quiz Design: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for quiz creation.
  • Subscription Plans: Effortlessly manage various subscription options.
  • Payment Processing: Securely handle payments and manage refunds.

  • Certificate Customization: Customize and distribute completion certificates.
  • Badge Configuration: Set badge criteria and monitor user accomplishments.
  • Communication Tools: Integrated messaging and notification features.


The custom WP Course plugin has transformed online training programs, simplifying the management and delivery of top-notch content.


The instant feedback feature in quizzes keeps learners engaged and motivated to learn more.


Ensuring responsive design means our learners enjoy a smooth experience on any device.


  • We’ve crafted an engaging and interactive learning platform, fostering active participation and boosting user involvement.
  • Through gamification, we’ve heightened user motivation by awarding badges and certificates for achievements, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Our real-time quiz results feature provides immediate feedback, enriching the learning process and encouraging continuous improvement.
  • To accommodate growing user demands, we’ve developed a scalable architecture capable of handling increased user loads seamlessly.
  • Rest assured, we’ve prioritized security in payment processing and data protection, ensuring all transactions are conducted securely.

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