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Laravel, Android 19, iOS 9


Marketplace & Service Concepts



Special Features

  • Google map integration to track nearest provider for the customer’s service request.
  • Provider receives service request and he can add their estimated price quote for the same request made by customer.
  • Once any provider accept customer’s service request, other provider no longer to accept same customer’s service request.
  • After adding review and rating for any provider by the customer once, customer not able to change that feedback and rating second time for that provider.
  • We have given push notification functionality when provider accepts any customer’s service request.
  • Provider and customer can chat with each other with the chat feature.


We developed service industry based to find nearby available provider/Technician from customer’s location. We have made this system for two types of role: 1) Customer 2) Provider. Customer can add the service request for any service like carpentry, plumbing, etc. System find nearby available service provider based on customer request. Available provider can add there estimated price to the same request. Based on added price, customer can accept the provider on the same request and then other Providers cannot accept that request. Invoice will be generated at the end of service request. We have given multi user login functionality for this app.

  1. Customer who searches for provider through app.
  2. Provider / Technician who can view & quote for nearby available work for him
  3. Admin who manages users and complete application through Website

Technologies Used

  • Android 19 -Development
  • iOS 9 – Development
  • Laravel : Admin Panel



  • Google Map Integration
    • To track real time location of Providers via Google map integration in the app.
  • App Language
    • We have built it in English language Only
  • Search Nearby available Providers
    • Customer/User able to find nearby available provider/Technician for various services for what they are looking for.

  • Provider functionality
    • Provider manages their services with tag in his profile. Provider is able to add new services with tag in his profile and Provider also makes changes in listed services in his profile.
    • Provider receives service request and he can add their estimated price for the same requested service by customer.
    • If any customer is looking for any kind of home service like plumber or carpenter in specific region, then the Provider will get an email about that service request and push notification on their portable.
    • Other provider is not able to accept customer service request If one provider accept customer service request once.
    • Provider can view feedback and rating which is given by his customer. Once review and rating added by customer, it is no longer available for editing purpose.
    • Provider can view his work history for his completed customer services requests.
  • Customer functionality
    • Customer can add his service request with tags to find appropriate service provider nearby his/her locations.
    • Customer can make online payment using stripe to his service provider.
  • Push Notification functionality
    • Push Notification will be generated if provider accepts any customer’s service request.
    • Push Notification generate according to request status.

  • Chat
    • Provider & customer can chat with each other when provider accept customer’s service request.
    • Customer & provider can share image and text via this chat functionality.
  • Earned/ Review Ratings
    • Provider can see earned ratings, while customer can add/edit reviews for completed request
  • Back office functionality
    • Admin user can manage various customer & provider with the help of customer management & Provider management.
    • Admin can manage service categories for all home related services.
    • Admin can manage all service requests which are placed by various customers.
    • Admin can view all the order and its payment transaction with their time stamp and status.
    • Admin can manage review and rating given by customer to the provider with some statistics like total views, average rating etc.
    • Admin user able to change push notification message via this app.
    • Admin can view reports like list of all registered customer, provider and number of received service requests.
    • Admin user can manage banner details from the backend with banner management.

James Sellers

We came across iFlair when trying to find developers to make amends to one of our client's Moodle portal. Finding reviews for the company was difficult, so we were unsure of what to expect. I am pleased to say that we were delighted with the service that they offered, being flexible and efficient with everything we threw at them in terms of updates and changes. The project was completed within timescales promised. We look forward to giving iFlair more work in the future.

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