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Magento 2.4.5


Car and bike’s covers, and accessories



Special Features

  • Multi-Language
    • We have used multiple languages as per the client’s requirement.
    • Languages are Spain, French, Italy, Portuguese, English.
  • Multi-Currency
    • We provide multiple currencies like the Euro, British Pound, and US Dollar.


  • Show all product reviews on the homepage with the help of “Sparsh_AllProductReviews”
  • The following are the review sections which can be manageable by the admin:
    • Show all reviews of all the products on the website on a single page
    • Total reviews of the ratings
    • Limit the number of reviews to calculate ratings
    • Review title
    • Review ratings
    • Review date
    • Reviewer nickname
    • The product image for each review

  • Product finder tool
    • Create unlimited finders for search products from large products database.
    • Display drop-down filters on any page you want. Dropdown allow to search Make and type of cover.
    • Create finders for a particular category or all categories of products.
    • Product data management is made easy with manual creation and import/export of products.
    • The search result will display products after applying filters.
    • SEO-friendly URLs for the search result page.
    • Display list of products with layered navigation and toolbar.
    • Results could be filtered from a single drop-down selection or based on all the values selected in drop down list.

  • Newsletter
    • We have connected Klaviyo_Reclaim extension for newsletter
    • After successful Klavioy API configuration it will sync data from magento for newsletter subscription as well for transaction data
    • Klaviyo’s intelligent automate email marketing platform makes it easy for marketers to centralize and use customer data to deliver messages across all their channels, increasing conversions and revenue.

  • SEO Friendly URL
    • SEO Friendly URL indicates links that are short but full of keywords. It help store site rank higher in search engines, which drives more traffic and builds higher trust.
    • Visitors find it easier to remember and navigate with a short and concise URL. It is one of the first steps to make your store SEO optimized.
  • Menu and Sidebar Configuration
    • In the menu, we’ve created blocks in the admin through which we can able to call the Menus.
    • And in the sidebar, we’re fetching the categories which we’re directly getting from the Porto theme block.

Key Features

  • One-page checkout:
    • Add the benefit of a one page checkout to increase conversions effortlessly. Smooth and clear checkout flow that will enhance the customer experience.
    • Have an option to add comments for your order as a customize message for your car cover.
    • Provided easiness of payment by stripe payment method.
  • Reports can be exported in CSV, as well as Excel
    • From the admin report where able to get the report of any products, sales, breakdown and everything. There we have implemented an option to download any report in CSV as well as in the Excel form.
    • Customized category page layout as per requirement. On the category page, we are displaying relevant categories. Once a user clicks on any category, all relevant subcategories and products will display at the bottom of the page.
  • Layered navigation
    • We have kept different ranges of price in the filter for this type of navigation. So, the user will see only those products which are available in their selected price range.
    • The price range is in such a way that it starts from 0 – 99$, 100$ – 199$, 200$ – 299$, till 600$ – 699$ this price range is available.

  • Live Chat
    • For better customer service, we provide live chat support.
  • Search functionality
    • Advance search functionality to improve user’s search experience.
  • Custom Functionality
    • We provide numerous custom features to the product detail page, such as Order Sample, Price Match, Review and so on.
    • Displaying the latest blogs bottom of the home page.

The cover-company is the website which sales cars, and bikes’ covers, and accessories for the same.

We’ve implemented different types of navigation in the website to make it user friendly.

There are a total of 10+ different websites are there and we’ve created one admin for all so that it’ll be easy to handle all 10 websites from one place.

Improve SEO, increase sales through that, and improve the User Experience by providing feasible functionalities.

Thus by using Magento 2 as a CMS technology we have created this cover-company project and made it a successful business in every possible way.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • CMS Technologies: Magento 2
  • Back-end Technologies: PHP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jquery

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