Let us know about the October CMS Development – A Laravel PHP based CMS Platform!

Feb 16, 2022 |

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Introduction :

OctoberCMS is a free, open-source and self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. It allow users to built a modern website with advance technology. If you searching for open source CMS development that offers you with the most relevant, cost-effective, speed ,comprehensive content management facility and simple pattern with great experience in Programming then OctoberCMS is a right platform for you.

As we know that Laravel, which is a PHP Framework that has been growing in demand nowadays. There are various Laravel CMS’s which include pongocms,pyrocms and Indira CMS. when you started to working on this platform you will know that it is such an elegant, easy to use and flexible platform to use. Let us move on the OctoberCMS features, functionality and Process:

Process :

Here you get to know about that how to install and configure this tool with following simple steps to use this tool:

  •  Firstly you have to download the installer which provides some configurations to make it complete after following simple
  •  Secondly Extract the file into your local directory and configure your local server to match the local path.
    After that set up a new database and take note of the database name.
  • Lastly Navigate to the install.php file in your browser, follow the instructions on screen, and enter your configuration variables.

Features :

Let us See the simple features which is very exciting to know about it:

  1. Page Components : It is allow users to built a block for pages. You only need to add the Page components features and configure it with the Inspector for great programming experience so there is no need to programming more.
  2. Extensible Platform : This platform with plugins simple integrate with OctoberCMS’s back and front-end. You can easily use the various plugins with this features simply Just describe the plugin register the features you require.
  3. AJAX Framework : AJAX Module allow users to to make AJAX requests and interact with a number of data attributes very easily. It is very easy to add into this platform.
  4. Easy Administrative Interfaces : With this feature we can easily create back-end interfaces for your plugins. As Back-end pages require minimum PHP coding and use simple configuration files that make your coding skills as simple as possible.
  5. Completely File-based CMS Templates : This feature makes your website themes completely manageable with Content Version Systems. These are the main features of this OctoberCMS platform that you all know about it and implement it in proper way so it is existed in programming for a long time.

Summary :

OctoberCMS is an open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. It allow developers to develop web applications on their own way. It is a productivity tool for developing modern websites using advance technology with simple and easy to use platform. This kind of framework built especially for those people who have creative minds in programming language and they have full choice to create website development in easy way using flexible platform. The aim is to aware you all about the OctoberCMS Development. As i have mentioned the great features of october CMS so go with this exceptionally popular tool And I personally think that when you started to working on this platform you will know that it is such an elegant, speed and flexible platform to use.

I would like to suggest you to try this once to upgrade your knowledge and make your work so easy, simple and creative with this kind of web based open-source content management system.

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