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Oct 22, 2021 |

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Magento ERP System is a simple module which allows you to synchronization the Magento with ERP System. When Magento connected with an Open ERP System you will be able to keep track of inventory, sales and customer management at one time. Magento ERP systems help you to become a more efficient business. It supports Synchronization of Customer Groups, Product Categories, Product Attribute Sets, Attribute Groups, Product Attributes, Products, Order Statuses, Image Synchronization and many more.

As Magento ERP Integration is a simple, fast and stable solution and that is the reason only why it is one of the most popular combinations now. Because when we Integrate the Magento web commerce store with an OpenERP it becomes such a powerful system where you can manage all the data and information at one time with single business software . The ERP System Integrated with Magento Ecommerce web store that allow you to manage the catalogue of your web store effectively. It also gives you the control of your web store so you should not worrying about the business details because it really makes your business process so unique and easy.

There are so many advantages when you integrating your ERP System with Magento Ecommerce Stores.

Here I mentioned the main advantages for your idea which is might be helpful you for your business.

  1. Magento ERP System multiple functionality with one business tool : The Magento ERP Solution where people can manage all your orders, products, categories, customers and other related information.
  2. You can Multiple store management with Magento ERP Store : It is an easy way to handle multiple stores from one single software when you connected OpenERP with Magento Ecommerce stores.
  3. Multiple Currency and Company Handling features : OpenERP integration with Ecommerce stores offers you to manage variety of sales and assets from one single tool.
  4. Shipping Management Services : With the OpenERP E-commerce integration you can manage all your shipping services for your business.

We at iFlair provide a unique Magento ERP Solutions to our Clients from worldwide because we want to be part of your business Success. When you build a Magento and ERP combinations you will get a simple, fast and stable solution for your business. Magento ERP Solution provides a beautiful platform to work with it.

We help you to become a more efficient your business by integrating your ERP System with Magento Ecommerce Stores.

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