WordPress Site Migration Services

Wordpress and Magento website design

Sitecore to WordPress

Migrate seamlessly from Sitecore to WordPress for a user-friendly and customizable content management experience.

Drupal development solutions

Drupal to WordPress Migration

The transition from Drupal to WordPress effortlessly while retaining your content integrity and enjoying WordPress's extensive plugin ecosystem.

Theme integrations for Joomla

Joomla to WordPress

Switch from Joomla to WordPress for a more intuitive and dynamic website management platform.

Blog Posting

Blogger to WordPress

Move your Blogger content to WordPress for enhanced design options and advanced functionality while keeping your blogging spirit alive.

Wordpress and Magento website design

Squarespace to WordPress

Elevate your website by moving from Squarespace to WordPress, leveraging WordPress's versatile features and design possibilities.

Multi-language store optimization

WordPress to WordPress Multisite

Consolidate and manage multiple WordPress sites effortlessly using WordPress Multisite, streamlining your content management process.

Keyword Planner

Django to WordPress

Transform your Django site into a WordPress-powered platform, benefiting from WordPress's user-friendly content management and vast plugin library.

Joomla CMS development

Proprietary CMS to WordPress

Seamlessly migrate from a proprietary CMS to WordPress to unlock greater flexibility, community support, and a wider range of tools.

Wordpress and Magento website design

Wix to WordPress Migration

Enhance your online presence by transferring from Wix to WordPress, enjoying greater design freedom and scalability for your website.

Benefits of WordPress Migration Services

full-stack developers benefits
Faster Loading & Smooth UX:

WordPress's optimized code leads to quicker loading and better user experiences, reducing bounce rates.

full-stack developers benefits
Built-in SEO:

WordPress's SEO foundation aids search engine visibility, improving rankings and organic traffic.

full-stack developers benefits
Theme & Plugin Variety:

WordPress offers diverse themes and plugins for tailored design and functionality.

full-stack developers benefits
Responsive Design:

WordPress themes adapt to various devices, ensuring optimal browsing across platforms.

full-stack developers benefits
User-Friendly Content Management:

Easy interface simplifies content creation, editing, adding beautiful UIs, and publishing.

full-stack developers benefits
Strong Security:

Regular updates bolster site security against cyber threats with the use of premium security plugins.

full-stack developers benefits
Supportive Community:

The active community provides guidance and solutions to the queries of developers and designers.

full-stack developers benefits
E-commerce Integration:

It enables developers to use e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce to enhance online stores.

full-stack developers benefits

WordPress grows with your business and allows easy scalability to measure traffic, needs, and other metrics.

full-stack developers benefits

The open-source nature saves money, and free/premium themes/plugins are available.

Our WordPress Development Expertise

Your WordPress website must need to grow to the level, where the audiences can find the exceptional value of your website. Leveraging smart strategies to meet the organization’s goals, iFlair will help you by offering you the worth.

Migration Services

WordPress Migration

As WordPress is the most popular CMS development platform, it offers varieties of features and functionalities to developers and businesses. We offer WordPress migration services from any web development framework to WordPress.

Rich Frontend and Backend Solution

Decoupled WordPress Solution

Implement a decoupled architecture in WordPress, separating the front-end and back-end to create interactive, dynamic web experiences using modern JavaScript frameworks while benefiting from WordPress's content management capabilities.

Ecommerce QA Testing

Headless Commerce

Create a Headless E-commerce solution by decoupling the storefront from the back-end commerce engine, allowing for a flexible and customizable shopping experience while leveraging WordPress for content management.

WordPress Accessibility

Ensure inclusivity by developing WordPress websites glued to accessibility standards, enabling all users, including those with disabilities, to navigate and interact with the content easily.

Theme and feature integrations

CRM and ERP Integration

We integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with WordPress, streamlining data flow, increasing customer insights, and enhancing business processes.

WordPress DXP Solution

Develop a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform (DXP) using WordPress, consolidating content management, personalization, analytics, and marketing automation tools for endless digital experience.

Data Management services

Data Management

Utilize sophisticated data management features of WordPress to optimize data retrieval, processing, and storage for better user interactions and content delivery.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Support

Ensure consistent user experiences across various devices and platforms by developing responsive WordPress websites that adapt to multiple screen sizes and orientations.


Bespoke PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Solution

Create Progressive Web Applications using WordPress, offering users fast loading times, offline capabilities, and app-like experiences, enhancing engagement and accessibility.

B2B / B2C

Tailor WordPress solutions for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) scenarios, addressing unique requirements such as catalogues, user roles, and transaction workflow management.

Content Delivery (API)

Develop custom content delivery systems using Application Programming Interfaces to distribute WordPress content to various platforms, applications, and third-party services, expanding reach and engagement.

Web Application Development

Extend WordPress beyond traditional websites by creating web applications that leverage WordPress as a web development framework, combining its content management capabilities with dynamic features functionality.

Core Purpose & Values 

Client Satisfaction is our superior Priority. Every Professional is highly committed to transforming your imagination solutions into digital/virtual reality. We value being updated with tech trends, an in-depth understanding of industry, innovations, and Professional Management.

Act with integrity
Act with integrity
Reliability is cultivated through accountability and genuineness, and we sustain it.
100% Transparency
100% Transparency
Keeping our wins and losses transparent is important to us. As an organization, we depend on working together on common goals for success.
Full Quality Assurance
Full Quality Assurance
In a timely manner, we ensure superior quality with our best-in-class infrastructure and most sought-out technical expertise.
Innovation with Future Technology
Innovation with Future Technology
We evolve our development process with the exploration of new ideas and better implementation strategies to deal with emerging problems.
Team spirit
Team spirit
As a team, we are dedicated to making the digital world more human. Together, we celebrate our successes, overcome our challenges, and work with passion.
Commit to Diversity
Commit to Diversity
Attract, develop, and retain talent that reflects society’s full diversity. Expect everyone to challenge behavior contrary to our culture of inclusion.

Client’s Testimonials

Technical Expertuise of Our WordPress Migration Services

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

The Success Stories of Our WordPress Customers

We have developed web marketing solutions for Net Effect which target Travel Businesses. As Development Agency with Net-Effect we have developed 170+ travel websites and managing 50,000+ properties & 10,00,000 cruise details which help travel agents to grow their business and seize future opportunities.


Travel Websites





Tonzon is an insulation solutions providing company that provide variety of insulation solutions and also sell insulation products. The company established in 1980 also works alongside the local installation companies and so the solutions are easily accessible locally to the customers.


Orders & Invoice Management





Aktiv Miljö Company aims to provide the Furniture for home & office environment. Website allow customer to purchase Home & Office related amenities online through secured payment method. Website is developed in WooCommerce and managing 10,000+ furniture products and 2,00,000+ order & invoice management1,00,000+ quotation management and modern interface which can catch the interest of visitors & supporting multilingual. User can view/purchase of the product.


Quotation Management




Orders & Invoice Management

We have created Lets task application which provide platform to user for outsourcing household tasks. They instantly connect user with skilled Tasker to help with odd-jobs and errands. User can select what type of Task they need & a set of Specialists will be offered to them which best fits their needs.






Years Success

iFlair has designed & developed a responsive website: ‘MeetinGuru’. Objective is to create/schedule or search various restaurants or events category wise and notified users for the upcoming events & user can view history events.


HTML, CSS + WordPress


Events booking industry



Virtalent.com is a website created to showcase the activities that Virtalent as a  company can take up and how it can assist various clienteles. Virtalent is a company that provides Virtual Assistants that work for the on boarded clienteles.


Custom Pages


Users Management



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