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Why AngularJS is the Ideal Framework for Web App Development

Jun 21, 2023 |

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angular ideal

About AngularJS Software Development Framework

It is an open-source front-end web apps framework to build high-end software web applications. AngularJS framework is the framework of JavaScript developed by Google in 2010. It is licensed under the Apache Licence Version 2. AngularJS development services allow developers to create engaging web apps, and it also allows easy integration of other frameworks.

Over the world, the most popular web apps such as Snapchat, Amazon, PayPal, and many more are built with the use of the framework of AngularJS. It is becoming the most popular framework for front-end development, as it enables cross-browser compatibility. AngularJS is the most powerful and robust front-end framework that for faster app development. It also allows the expansion of HTML syntaxes and easy client-side application building.

The Role of MVC in AngularJS Development

In software engineering, MVC is the long existed Software architectural pattern. Many languages are using MVC with little changes to efficient software development. MVC defines a pattern for the design and development of web applications. In AngularJS development, MVC provides a way to organize software web apps.

MVC architecture in AngularJS Development Framework is divided into 3 different parts which is known as Model, View, and Controller. Keep an eye at these 3 core parts/component of MVC:

Model Component in MVC

Model is the set of actual databases on which the designers and developers are going to work with. The model component holds the information, but not the behaviours. In conjunction, the model is used to enclose data accessing and caching.

View Component in MVC

The view part of the MVC is visible to the users/audiences to interact with in the software. The user-displayed information is written in the application in the view component. The component of the MVC in Angular JS is responsible to show a portion of the data to the users’ device.

Controller Component

The controller component is considered as the middle interaction/device/code between two other components – model and the view part. It works as a decision-maker between view and model. The controller is more likely to a software code, which updates the view when any change is made in the model.

Core Features of AngularJS

AngularJS is the structural framework that is most used in the development of dynamic web apps. As an open-source front-end framework, it offers many general as well as core features to design and develop dynamic software. General features include cross-browser compatibility, efficiency to create rich internet applications, and more. Below are the features of the AngularJS framework for software development

Single-Page Application is supported

SPA is a single-page application, which is used for faster website transition without loading the full website, after replacing a web page with new data. Using a single-page application in Angular JS, makes the faster page loading time, and it works on every platform, is easy to handle, and also can communicate with web browsers dynamically without completely loading new pages.

Declarative UI

The use of HTML is to define the interface of the application, makes the page loading speed faster, and eliminates unnecessary program flows in web application development. Angular JS development framework uses HTML to create attractive hybrid web apps for desktop and mobile. Angular interfaces made with HTML are easy to understand and maintenance is simpler than others.

Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS is having two-way data binding feature which allows for data synchronization between model and view. When the developer made any change in the model which contains the code, it will directly reflect the view part. It provides a simple and less or no intrusive way to construct User Interface. The aim of using a two-way data binding feature is to simplify the application’s presentation layer.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection in Angular is the pattern in which the available components are given dependencies. By doing this, the component doesn’t need to be critical coding within it. AngularJS is having in-built dependency injection mechanism which helps to enhance code reusability, is easy to maintain, and simpler software application testing. Some of the core components are covered by the dependency injection such as:

  • Value
  • Service
  • Factory
  • Constant
  • Provider

In-built Templates

In Angular JS, templates are the HTML files that indicate the in-built attributes and directives. These templates can be made of CSS, form fields, filters, and important controllers which made easy the process of software web app development. The in-built templates in AngularJS are available in 2 types — the first is Static Templates, and the second is Dynamic Templates.

Why Choose AngularJS Framework for Software Development?

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Angular js

Working with the AngularJS framework enables developers to enjoy various benefits in their software development. While working for dynamic web app development, explore the advantages of Angular JS as below:

Easy to Learn

Angular JS is an easy-to-learn language as it uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the core language in its in-built templates. A person who is having mastery of this coding platform can easily build their career in Angular JS development services. Considering the future, the learning of Angular opens a door to get more opportunities in the software development field. A person doesn’t need to join any coaching, from online tutorials, the courses in AngularJS are easily available.

Google Support

Angular is built by one of the employees of Google, this way it is fully supported by Google. The framework of Angular JS is used by Google to develop its web and applications. Angular development language has raised its accountability and credibility as it is supported by Google, which is one of the most popular and biggest companies in the world. Also, the language is having a vast group of developers who prefer the same platform for dynamic software development.

Allow Optimal Web App Management

It is required to break down the codes into 3 various components: View, Model, and Controller. After the developers merge the codes of all components manually, which is critical. Angular JS saves the time of the developer as it combines the code strings automatically. The model component is the main component in MVC that manages to entire app’s coding experience. Angular JS is offering support by using MVC and also helps in designing and developing UI and database.

Code Reusability

It enhances the code reusability as it provides the custom directive and attributes to build software web apps. These directives and attributes are made by combining HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and form controllers. The main advantage of reusing the code is that, it helps in increasing the loading speed of any website and applications. Also, it is easy to create reusable components in Angular. In some cases, the reusable snippet of code is known as the template in Angular development framework.

High Performance

Just like other software development languages, Angular JS also uses the architecture of MVC. Additionally, Angular JS can handle Document Object Model and Ajax separately, rather than coding them jointly. The use of one-time data binding, ‘scope.$evalAsync’, and the Chrome developers tools can help to efficiently the software optimization process. Disabling the unused CSS classes, and unnecessary comments are the best practice to enhance the software performance.

Real-Time Testing

Angular JS supports the unit testing approach as well as the end-to-end testing. Angular JS is built with numerous templates, and features, and supports third-party applications. It is having full control to keep an eye on all the components based on which the entire software is developed. It is the first choice of major developers when thinking to build standard dynamic software. The testing feature of Angular makes it easy for developers to test for the dependencies of the components, and check the errors available in the software.

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AngularJS is a reliable, simple, and cross-browser-compatible front-end framework, which is used for quicker software web app development. MVC is the design architecture used to provide the standard AngularJS development services to business owners. It enables developers and designers to enjoy many benefits such as code reusability, provides high performance, and also allows real-time testing. iFlair Web Technologies is the perfect place to hire angular developers who are experienced in their field.

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