WordPress + Enterprise ecommerce (woocommerce)


Insulation industry



Technical Achievements

  • Rest API Integration
  • Coupon code
  • Custom invoice management
  • Customised checkout

  • Product customisation by variation
  • 5,000 + products management
  • 1,50,000 + orders and invoice management
  • Sage Framework


Tonzon serves as a dependable partner in insulation industry, offering innovative insulation techniques. Distinguished as the pioneering production company, TONZON boasts complete self-sufficiency in electricity production. They are engaged in domain of e-commerce, operating a comprehensive website that facilitates online transactions. Moreover, Tonzon provides enterprise-level e-commerce solutions, replete with products accompanied by set of functionalities and features. This includes a versatile multi-environment setup, personalized invoice management, advantageous discounts through promo codes, an extensive inventory of over 5000 products, adept management of a substantial volume of 150,000 online orders, a convenient quote request feature, facilitation of both B2B and B2C wholesale transactions, meticulous accounts and user management, and the implementation of secure database management – all of which contribute to a comprehensive and robust enterprise e-commerce experience.


  • The customer’s demand involves constructing a website utilizing the Sage Framework, along with the implementation of a CRM and ERP integration solution. This solution aims to gather product information and facilitate the management of third-party invoice processing.
  • Oversee of enterprise clients in both B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Implement robust data security measures through tailor-made database structures.
  • Customize invoice and order handling procedures to individual needs, and incorporate external invoice management systems to ensure secure order processing and seamless invoice generation.
  • Develop a reliable and expandable framework to manage a broad spectrum of enterprise-level ecommerce operations within the specialized Sage environment.

Enterprise WordPress Solutions


Sage Framework and the Fusion of Tailwind CSS & Laravel Blade:

Presenting an enterprise-level solution constructed upon the foundation of the Sage framework. This amalgamation incorporates the capabilities of Tailwind CSS to achieve a user interface design, while harnessing the efficiency of Laravel Blade for optimized template. The result is an easily scalable, effortlessly maintainable, and visually captivating web application.

Ecommerce QA Testing

Advanced enterprise e-commerce solution:

Utilizing Woocommerce, our enterprise-level solution offers a robust e-commerce platform. It presents adaptable product catalogs, secure and streamlined checkout procedures, and effortless incorporation with a range of payment gateways. This solution serves the both modest B2C ventures and extensive B2B corporations.

Progressive Library of Gutenberg Blocks Solution:

Embedded within our offering is an extensive collection of Gutenberg Blocks, granting content generators the capability to craft pages effortlessly. Featuring of modifiable blocks, organizations can produce lively and aesthetically satisfying arrangements that strike their desired viewers.

Multi-language store optimization

Multilingual & Multisite Development Solution:

The solution facilitates the management of content in various languages and the development of multiple sites, empowering businesses to engage with a wide range of global audiences. By enabling smooth language transitions and centralized content control.

Rich Frontend and Backend Solution

Wholesale Solutions for B2B and B2C:

We present an adaptable framework that serves the needs of both B2B and B2C frameworks. Enterprises incorporate customized functionalities such as large-scale ordering, structured pricing, and catalogs tailored to individual clients for B2B requirements. Simultaneously, shopping journeys are extended to B2C consumers, ensuring a personalized experience.

Multi-tenant architecture

WP Architectures:

oThe approach we utilize strong WordPress architectures, merging scalability and security for managing high volumes of traffic and data at an enterprise scale. Through designed unique post types, taxonomies, and sophisticated data administration, it guarantees a seamless content process and effortless data access.

Performance Optimization:

oEmploying strategies such as refining databases, utilizing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for content dissemination, adeptly managing caching, implementing cutting-edge image optimization, introducing lazy loading, and fine-tuning server-side processes, we ensure that the server's response time is optimized. Our approach guarantees that our enterprise-level WordPress development finest website framework and functional structure.

Custom web development

Custom Plugins Development:

oOur solution involves creating custom plugins. These plugins are designed to augment functionality and can be smoothly incorporated into your current system. They bring about capabilities such as advanced search options, dashboards customized for users, and seamless integration with external applications. All of these elements work together to elevate the overall user experience.

Effortless Feedback Access:

oBy prioritizing user accessibility, feedback related to both services and products became prominently visible as soon as users logged into their accounts, thereby encouraging higher engagement levels.

Our WordPress Solution

  • WordPress blocks and components
  • CRM and ERP Integration
  • Multi-environment DevOps process/WordPress CI/CD
  • WP-CLI
  • Scalability
  • AMP Support
  • WordPress CI/CD
  • Rest API
  • Security testing (Burp)

Success Result

The enterprise-level WordPress development brought satisfaction to the client due to the successful results. Served a dual role: not only did it effectively present the client’s services and facilitate the generation of quote requests, but it also enabled the sale of products on the very same website.

The client experienced an unforeseen surge in business. This was primarily because users who were seeking quotes could conveniently explore and buy insulation equipment to their requirements. Similarly, users inquiring about home-related quotes also displayed interest in purchasing insulation products.


  • WordPress + Enterprise ecommerce (woocommerce)
  • Database : MySQL


  • Admin can view history of Client billing, VA payments and Refunds directly on dashboard itself.
  • Admin can add the company with primary user who works with the portal.
  • He can add Virtual Assistants who can work with multiple companies.
  • Admin can view, add or edit tasks.

  • Display account history like logged, remaining and extra hours of current month and able to do refunds for each company.
  • Display all assigned VAs with all details and expenses added by them for each company.
  • Admins can add/update secondary users for each company.
  • Admin can deactivate the company and VAs in the portal.

With the site developed the client was very happy with the outcome that the  solution provided server dual purpose of showcasing his services with supported quote request generation and also he was able to make a selling of his products on the same site.


The client saw an unexpected growth in business as now the users requesting quote can also view and purchase the insulation equipment alongside for his needs and also the same with vice versa scenario where users also requested quote for homes along with the purchase for the insulation products.

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