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Vintage collection of watches



Special Features

  • Data migration:
    • We’ve migrated the Magento website into Shopify
    • Data migration
      • Products 342
      • Categories 30
      • Customers 2900
  • Theme integration:
    • Integrated porto theme according to the website’s design selected by the client.
  • Customize breadcrumbs:
    • Customize the breadcrumbs in such a way that it is available on CMS pages as well.


  • Filters on the collection page
    • On the collection page, we’ve implemented the filter in such a way that it becomes easier to search any products for the same. And easy to manage all the products from the admin.
  • Zoom effect on product images:
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented a zoom effect so it becomes easy to check the image of any watch before purchasing the same.
  • Quick view
    • Implemented a quick view on the product listing page to check any product’s details by remaining on the same page.
  • Payment method
    • Ideal
    • Paypal (with credit card)
  • Shipping method
    • Free shipping on all the products

Key Features

  • Mega menu:
    • In the mega menu, we’ve customized the sticky menu, keeping the logo in the middle of the mega menu
  • Product price:
    • We’ve implemented the price of the product in such a way that it shows the product based on the price by creating different sections such as “watches under $500”, “watches under $1000”, and so on.
  • Product finder
    • Added product finder which allows customers to search products based on price range, color and size.
    • We can able to see all the details by remaining on that page only.
  • Customize best selling
    • In the best-selling products, the products that are out of stock were also visible so we’ve customized it in such a way that it only shows the product that is available on the stock.

VTG Watch was a Magento-based website that we’ve migrated into the Shopify technology. By migrating we’ve migrated all the products, customers, orders, and a lot more.

This website sells a vintage collection of watches for men, and women. The collection of this vintage collection is from the 1900s.

This was a Netherlands-based offline store that is now available all over the world and sells its product in almost all of the countries.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Porto theme

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