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Magento 2.4.5


Flower and Planters port


Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany

Special Features

  • Customer Approval :
    • When a customer does registration it will notify to admin and the admin can review all customer details do Customer Approval and assign a customer to the required customer group.
    • This allows the admin to take full control over all the frontend registrations. The Admin will be able to approve customer registration manually from the backend admin panel.
    • This allows us to accept or reject account approval requests in bulk.
    • Customer can log in after admin approval.
  • Sales Order Tab :
    • Created this custom module to Add a custom tab to the admin sales order view fetch order information with customer comments and print these pages. [PDF format]
  • SMTP integration :
    • These used for emails are sent to the right box instead of the spam box, especially when sending bulk emails.
  • One-step checkout :
    • One Step Checkout simplifies the checkout process by reducing the number of steps to only one, thereby allowing your customers to buy the products in just a single tap.


  • Sticky cart on the sidebar
    • On the product listing page, we have provided the cart to add/update/delete products very easily
    • Side bar provided as a mini cart feature so easy for customer to review their cart items on each page

Key Features

  • RAL Color Popup
    • On the product page, we’ve overridden the custom options file from the vendor for customization. So, that it matches our website, and the theme that we’ve used
    • Used JS to pass the selected data from popup to page.
    • Provided admin configuration to add required color and that is used as a swatch for customer selection.
  • Product Page Customization
    • On the product detail page, we have created a custom popup that allows users to select the product color that they want to purchase
    • Add the increment and decrement buttons on the product page and checkout/cart page.
    • Added input box to provide height of pot during purchase and customer can customize their pot
  • Login mandatory
    • The user can’t view product details and prices without login
    • Check the session and apply the condition on the product list and detail page.

Vepo Plantenbakken is a website that sells polyester flower pots, with customization. It directly delivers the product from the factory.

We’ve kept login compulsory for this website to show the price.

Add customization for the product page to show the products according to our theme and the theme that we’ve used is Luma, as it helps to increase the speed for the same.

We’ve made the checkout process easier by adding a page checkout option. Which makes the purchase process short, and easier for the same.

Technologies Used

  • Database:- MySQL
  • CMS Technologies: Magento2
  • Back-end Technologies: PHP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery

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