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Real Estate



Technical Achievements

  • Custom quotation
  • 5000+ Broken quotaion
  • Custom broker on each property
  • Custom taxonomy

  • Manage multiple quotations at a time
  • 1000+ Appointments
  • 2500+ Users

Upgrade Immo is a real estate investment consulting company. We hunt, renovate, and rent properties for our clients. 

Our mission at Upgrade Immo is to allow you to easily become a real estate investor. 

Why real estate: the perfect balance between performance and security. Our strength: the analysis of our data combined with field expertise. 

Our ambition: is to create quality and pleasant housing by renovating existing real estate with sustainable materials and actively engaging in the energy transition.


Technologies Used

  • WordPress + Elementor
  • Database : MySQL


  • A client wants to add a broker to each specific type of project available on the website, and later more types of property have been added. So, manage the broker details in such a way that it becomes easy to manage and get detailed information based on available projects.
  • The client wants to use Elementor for all the fields so they can manage changes from their end for future requirements.
  • The client being non-technical wants to make design/structure changes all the time and wants the project to get done within the given deadline, to achieve that to do so.


  • Ability to assign broker details based on the property, and also manage the appointments that are received through the broker for every particular project.
  • Ability to add more projects, and based on that new tab get that created on the front side.
  • Manage filter options, along with prizes through admin.
  • Show the price along with their taxes, so no other deduction will show on the website.

  • Implement multi-language, and keep Dutch as default for the front, as well as for admin.

With all the design changes, and as the project was being submitted to the client on time the client was happy, they loved how the calculation was getting done, and how they could easily manage all the appointments based on the property.


  • Create a custom filter that the client can select from the dropdown, and also implement a price range selector.
  • Create a custom field to show the price of the property along with its tax.
  • Provide a way to show quotations based on the selected items from the dropdown on the front end itself.
  • Integrate Calendly API, so the user can schedule their calls through it.

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