Web Application, Wordpress



WordPress + WooCommerce


Insulation industry



Technical Achievements

  • Rest API Integration
  • Coupon code
  • Custom invoice management
  • Customised checkout

  • Product customisation by variation
  • 5,000 + products management
  • 1,50,000 + orders and invoice management
  • Sage Framework

Tonzon is an insulation solutions providing company that provide variety of insulation solutions and also sell insulation products. The company established in 1980 also works alongside the local installation companies and so the solutions are easily accessible locally to the customers.

This is a site developed from a scratch using WordPress with Woo-commerce   integrated. The speciality of the site is the option to request for a quote for the installation services and also be able to sell individual products.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Database : MySQL


  • Client requirement is to build site using complex Sage Framework and Integrate API to fetch products
  • Client wanted a solution by which he will be able to showcase his services and be also available to sell his products.
  • The client being non-technical wanted a solution that was easy to manage and must be supporting his business objectives.
  • The client requested easy way of maintenance of orders and records and must be able to get exact and relevant quote requests from his customers.


  • Admin can view history of Client billing, VA payments and Refunds directly on dashboard itself.
  • Admin can add the company with primary user who works with the portal.
  • He can add Virtual Assistants who can work with multiple companies.
  • Admin can view, add or edit tasks.

  • Display account history like logged, remaining and extra hours of current month and able to do refunds for each company.
  • Display all assigned VAs with all details and expenses added by them for each company.
  • Admins can add/update secondary users for each company.
  • Admin can deactivate the company and VAs in the portal.

With the site developed the client was very happy with the outcome that the  solution provided server dual purpose of showcasing his services with supported quote request generation and also he was able to make a selling of his products on the same site.


The client saw an unexpected growth in business as now the users requesting quote can also view and purchase the insulation equipment alongside for his needs and also the same with vice versa scenario where users also requested quote for homes along with the purchase for the insulation products.


  • We identified the solution to be provided with WordPress with WooCommerce integrated.
  • We defined the required flow for the site that will support his services as well as product selling.
  • The services that were to be provided were defined as product with listing and details page but they end up for the user by generating a quote request to the company.
  • The product selling is also provided with categorization, listing and detailing but that flow ends up in the product purchase.
  • The user will be able to see both the feedbacks when he logs into his account.
  • Primary user can add task and assign to the allocated VAs.
  • He can also check the logged time and expense history of the company.

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