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Special Features

  • Data Migration
    • Total Categories: 20+
    • Total Product: 100+
    • Total Orders: 11000+
    • Total Customers: 200000+
  • Theme Integration
    • Porto theme integration and customization.
    • As per the client’s approval, we have setup & customize that theme and implemented it all over the site.

  • Multi-site Website
    • We have developed multiple websites and they are manageable from a single admin. All websites are assigned different domain names as below.
      • www.silkeland.dk
      • www.silkeland.no
      • www.silkeland.se
  • Multi-Language
    • We have used multi-languages as per the client’s requirement.
    • Languages are Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  • Multi-Currency
    • We provide multiple currencies like DKK, NOK and SEK.


  • Search Functionality
    • This website have advanced search functionality, so customers can search for any product from the entire store and get results accordingly.
  • Payment Gateway
    • Bambora Checkout offers all of the most common payment methods.
    • Bambora Checkout get an easy-to-use payment solution that allows to safely accept payments.
  • Gift Card
    • Gift Card extension allows store owners to create gift cards for customers, so they can purchase and give their acquaintances as a present on a special occasions.
    • Gift code pattern (or gift code pool) is used to generate unlimited random codes. You can create a number of automatic codes within some admin settings, then promptly check the generated codes right on the page.

  • They can apply the gift card code in the shopping cart page or checkout page.
  • Use it as a new product type [Bss Gift Card] with flexible prices and values.
  • Send gift voucher via email.
  • One-step Checkout
    • One Step Checkout allows to create a responsive checkout page in magento store to cover basic business needs.
  • Review Collection
    • Using the Trustpilot Extension collect reviews and ratings from customers.
    • On the home page, display a summary of the reviews.
    • On the bottom of the cart page is a collection of all customer reviews and ratings.

Key Features

  • FAQ
    • If a customer has a question about a product, we offer an ABC of Silk area that serves as a category for all product-related information, from the most fundamental to the most detailed.
  • Customize Grouped Product
    • Grouped Product Option Extension provides functionality to add group products with configurable products.
    • Customize the configurable product option requires users to select a size, which is enabled automatically before adding the product to the cart.

  • GLS
    • At the checkout page, the customer will be able to select “GLS Parcel Shop” as the delivery method and find the desired parcel shop per zip code.
    • Set up shipping rates applicable to one or more countries.
    • Enable customers to follow their shipment with GLS Track & Trace.
    • To use the GLS shipping method, it’s necessary to define an API key. Indeed, the module uses a Google Map to locate the store, and this service require an API key.
  • Order Number
    • Amasty Extension is enables to set any starting numbers and prefixes for all types of store documents such as orders, shipments, invoices, credit memos.

We have developed a Magento E-commerce website which have silk products like Silk Pillows, Silk Bedding, Silk Quilts etc. This website basically allows users to search for the product, review all the details and place an order.

This website have gift card option for customers, so they can apply a gift card code on the shopping cart page and get an instant discount on their purchase. This gift code is offered by the admin to customers on their special occasions.

In search result page, we have customize custom tab like Products and Other results.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • CMS Technologies: Magento 2
  • Back-end Technologies: PHP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jquery

Dylan Fox

iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair. The team at iFlair makes your project their own and you don't need to hold their hand while they work on your project, they can ``figure things out`` which is a crucial skill for outsourced technical teams. All of your inquiries are responded to almost immediately, and they are always willing to put in the extra time and extra work to make sure your project is successful and delivered on time.

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