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Artistic Toys, bags, clothes, novels, and a lot more



Special Features

  • Subscription
    • We’ve implemented different types of subscriptions that create and share Fantasy Art, Products, and Fantasy Novels with the subscribers
    • It has three different types of subscriptions that are spark, flicker, and flare.
  • Watermark on product images
    • Protected product images with watermark using own logo and for all product images.
    • Disable the right click on site to prevent photo theft.
  • Categorized search
    • On the search bar we’ve customized the search option based on categories.
  • Customized variants on list and product page
    • There are few of the products having option to choose the size, so we’ve customized custom size option and the same available on the product listing page itself.
    • Product page has different variant selection and each variant change main product image based on selection


  • Newsletter popup
    • When we open the website, within 2-3 seconds it shows a popup to subscribe to their newsletter.
    • By providing the email address it’ll get subscribed and we’ll receive emails based on that subscription.
  • Zoom-in effect
    • Implemented zoom-in effect on the images on the product detailed page for better results.
  • EMI available
    • Customized the payment gateway in such a way that it offers 4-installment EMI on purchases above $50 for the same. This is available on the product detailed page
  • Font grangeregular
    • We’ve added new fonts for this website based on the client’s requirements.

Key Features

  • Sticky header
    • On the home page, we’ve made the header sticky that includes menus, a search bar, a cart button, login/registration, and the logo.
  • Pay Tip during checkout
    • Calculate Tip for the 5%, 10%, 15% of order amount and show suggestion to customer to add Tip for online order.
    • Customer can add their own Tip amount or skip it as well.
  • Main site
    • On the mega menu, there’s an option for the mega menu on clicking on it, it’ll redirect to the new website.

Shopshottsyarts is a Shopify-based ecommerce platform that sells artistic products. Such as toys, t-shirts, bags, and a lot more.

Also have their novels, and comics which are available in their store. Different types of subscriptions are available through which we can subscribe to those novels.

Implemented a one-page checkout for a smooth purchase process. Use a warehouse theme with different color variations available on hover. That gives an artistic look to the website.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Warehouse

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