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Magento, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX and HTML





Special Features

  • Selection of Country in the delivery address updates the shipping cost in customer order section
  • One page Checkout – shipping cost by default is for FRANCE
  • Customize wish list page 3 different section which easily allow the bifurcate product details with category like – User Likes, My Favorites, Planning to Purchase next in which user can grab product and move it
  • Product Availability indication – The color of the circle is entered by the administrator by using color code, and its displayed in the part of the circle that corresponds the delivery


  • Chronopost shipping method will inform user free of charge by SMS of the departure of their parcel from warehouse.
  • Multi-language – English and French
  • Multi-Currency – Euro and Dollar

The purpose of the web shop is to develop customize furniture store which provide unique shopping experience for the users. Once product is selected by the user Emma Roux team follows all the steps that transform the selected drawing into a selected product. We have customized wish list page in 3 different sections which easily allow user to bifurcate product details with category like – Likes, My Favorites, and Planning to Purchase next. User can grab product and move it according to their preference in different category. We have implemented such functionality “If user indicate there cell phone number when ordering, the website inform user free of charge by SMS of the departure of their parcel from warehouse”

Technologies Used

  • Magento Community Addition
  • MySQL
  • jQuery, AJAX and HTML



  • One Page Checkout
    • Shipping cost by default is for France
    • Selection of country in the Delivery Address updates the SHIPPING cost in customer order section
  • Customize Wish list Page
    • The purpose of that page is to store Products that the user selects while reviewing the Website and prior to make a final selection and a decision of purchase.
    • The upper section my collection is to store products that the User likes.
    • The middle section my favorites are a reduced selection of the Products that the User considers buying in the future.
    • The lower section buying list is the list of the Products the user plans to purchase next. This section is directly related to the basket that includes the same Items. Quantities are the quantities the User entered when making the initial selection.
    • When more than 6 Products are placed in a list, then additional rows are created.
    • Each list can be sent by email.
    • Users can grab and move Products from one list to the other.
    • Products that are grabbed and move to the lower box at the right end of the list are deleted.
    • Users can create additional Lists by clicking on “add lists” button. Additional Lists are my favorite type, they are numbered 2, 3, etc. and placed under my favorite initial list.

  • Related Products
    • Display related product which are the same as the ones used to show the products in the category page
    • There are 7 boxes, and the administrator can assign a Product in a specific Version to each box (Product ID). One box is clear and overlays the other images by default, and fades when the user rolls over another box.
    • Other images become clear and overlay the other images when rolled over
  • Product Availability
    • On product detail page Circles display availability for the product versions
    • Each circle is related to the version displayed in the box above
    • The color of the circle is entered by the administrator by using color code, and its displayed in the part of the circle that corresponds the delivery
      • Upper left quarter + sign in the middle of the circle for AVAILABLE – Standard delivery time
      • 60% circle counter-clockwise for NOT AVAILABLE / UNDER PRODUCTION – Delivery time is known and entered by Administrator – Date is displayed next to “Deliverable”
      • 100% of the circle NOT AVAILABLE / Delivery in approximately ** weeks
  • Chronopost Shipping Integration
    • Chronopost shipping method informs user free of charge by SMS of the departure of their parcel from warehouse.

Norman Paulk, Publisher

During the development of my website familystoriesblog.com, I worked with three different companies. Combined programming exceeded 450 hours. While competent, the first two in the United States were expensive and hard to schedule time for my various requests. iFlair solved two of my problems. The charges were in line with my budget and the programmers, using Word Press and Buddy Press, worked within my time constraints. Every new venture has a learning curve. We learned how to deal with the twelve hour time difference between India and the Pacific NW. We communicated by email and when necessary, by phone conference calls. I maintained a worksheet of items that needed to be done. iFlair then responded with things that were finished. After reviewing the work on the iFlair website, I would give the green light to transfer the work to my live site. Our association was satisfying.

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