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Magento 1.9 Community Addition, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX and HTML


Food & Restaurants Management




Special Features

  • Created a unique and compelling shopping experience for the users.
  • Create custom invoice in PDF format
  • Create custom shipping method for different service zone and apply Tax Rules
  • Show last 2 post made by the administrator of related Facebook page on Product Detail page
  • Admin can assign chef to Recipe which is display on Product detail page
  • Searching and store listing on Google Map
  • Multi-language – Spanish, Catalan, English and French
  • Multi-Currency – Euro and Dollar

The purpose of the e-shop is to sell to customers and resellers all the products of SALNOSTRUM. iFlair has created a unique and compelling store which provide unique shopping experience for the users. Each time the Home page opens, the large banner box displays randomly information about a different product. When a new client registers with website, the administrator then validate the account as Professional in the User Group. If the account is accepted as “Professional”, the Registered User will then access discounted information in the shop. We have created custom shipping method to Configure list of countries that have free shipping service and county which additional service cost

Technologies Used

  • Magento 1.9 Community Addition
  • MySQL
  • jQuery, AJAX and HTML



  • Custom Invoice Creation on Product Purchase
  • Shopping Basket
    • Developed are two shipping basket, Difference between the 2 baskets is the discount information for professionals are only displayed in the Pro basket.
      • Customer Shopping Basket
        • Customer discount if the private Customer is in a group that as discounts or if the product is under special conditions (promotion)
      • Reseller Shopping Basket for professional Registered Users

  • User Account Validation
    • When a new client register with website, the system sends an email with the registration details to admin.
    • The Administrator will then validate the account as Professional in the User Group. If the account is accepted as “Professional”, the Registered User will then access discounted information in the shop.
  • Promo Code
    • Promotion code is shared by multiple users. When a Code is entered and that it corresponds to a Promotion, the discount applies on the order.
    • Discounts can be
      • A percentage on specific products
      • An amount that can be deducted from an order
      • A percentage on the order for a minimum order
  • Recently View Products
    • Display recently viewed product in product detail page to increase customer engagement
  • Chef assignment to Recipe
    • Admin can assign chef to each cooking recipe which will be display on product detail page

  • Custom Shipping Method
    • Configure list of countries that have free shipping service.
    • If the shipping address is within the free shipping zone, shipping for private customer is included in the product prices. The text: “Free shipping” is displayed.
    • If the shipping address is outside the free shipping zone, additional shipping cost for private customer is displayed. The text: “Shipping cost for [Country of shipping] is xx.xx + selected currency” is displayed
    • If the customer is registered as Professional, the text is: “Shipping cost is xxx.xx + selected currency”
    • Additional shipping cost is counted only once for private customer orders.
    • Professional customers can only buy quantities that are a multiple of “x” product
    • Shipping cost will be calculated as a multiple of the cost for one “X” quantity
  • Store Locator
    • Store listing on Google map – User can search store using county and Community and find store details like Name, Address, Province, Telephone, Email and Website

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