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We have designed and developed Flutter Application (for iOS and Android) that remains in sync with web application. The apps are basically used by Audit and Compliance professionals who can use the apps while conducting onsite audits.

The apps come in as handy tools assisting Auditors with providing ready-made templates to start with and providing runtime customization options that can be used during audits.

The apps have modules, few of them being exact replicas of the web functionalities and few with limited functionalities, thus covering the onsite considerations and ensuring that the audit feedback is readily available through web interface..

The apps support role based authentication with 2FA login for any user.

The apps are supported in multiple languages and can work simultaneously for various countries and all being centrally controlled.

The solution is extensively developed to assist the company to perform onsite audits supported with vertical specific checklists and provisions to upload scanned images of the documents and videos of the visited facilities and editing of the photos if required to assist in the audit.

Special Features

  • Login with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)
  • Advanced Dashboard Search
  • Quick view available for Recent Audits
  • Ability to quickly upload documents
  • No restriction on the quantity uploads
  • Special provisions to input notes for the documents
  • Videos uploading
  • Runtime display of the audit documents in apps and web applications
  • Security: Only one login possible from any device
  • Google map support to show exact location of the onsite location
  • Instant notifications on any update on the audit


  • Database:- My SQL PHP
  • Framework:- Flutter Apps for iOS and Android
  • API:- Use customized REST Api’s

Web Backend Management for Super admin (System Owner), Admin (Company) and Consultants

  • Separate logins will be provided for Super admin (System Owner), Auditors(Company) and depending upon the login views will be shown
  • System owner has access to all modules and screens and data
  • Auditors(Company) have access on the modules and data of his assigned company
  • Admin can create Audit managers under it to manage various audits
  • User Management
  • Company Management
  • Audit Management
  • Templates Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Audit Scrutiny
  • Multilingual

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