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Magento, PHP technology, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript





Special Features

  • Multilanguage website on multi-domain store.
  • Google advertising remarketing integration to help client reconnect with customers by showing relevant ads across their different devices.
  • Multisafepay payment gateway for multiple payment options.
  • Customize order PDF.
  • Store credit.
  • Mass print PDF.
  • Facebook Pixel integration to track traffic from Facebook advertisement.
  • UK post code lookup.
  • Connect shop with embedded ERP.



  • Embedded ERP
    • All the store’s customers, orders and products will be synchronizing into store as well as ERP system.
    • Admin can all orders in backend as well as ERP system.
  • UK Postcode lookup
    • Customers can view orders approx. delivery date and time based on their location.
  • Store Credit
    • Admin can provide credit to the customers for their future use.
    • Customers can view credit points into their account area.
    • Customers can use credit points to pay their purchase on the website.

We have developed a magento based online piercing products shop for customers. We have setup Embedded ERP system with shop to synchronize all the products, catalog, orders etc to the magento store as well as ERP System. We have provided facility to add QR code with each order.


To give rich & better experience, we have integrated UK postcode lookup, to provide exact delivery time and date for product delivery. Customers are able to pay through 6 different payment options for their orders. We have customized each order PDF with image and QR code for better prospective.

Technologies Used

  • PHP technology
  • MySQL
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript
  • Magento


  • Mass Print PDF
    • Admin can print multiple orders details into one PDF.
  • Mass QR code
    • Admin can print multiple QR code for different orders.
  • QR code
    • QR code is being added on at the time of order PDF generation, So it can be used at the time of shipment from the warehouse

  • Customize order PDF
    • Admin can customize order PDF by adding picture, QR code etc.
  • Single page checkout
    • Customers can view order details, shipping address and payment gateway on same page.
    • Customers can do checkout as a guest or registered user.
    • Customers can do payment via Sofort banking, PayPal, Credit Card and manual bank transfer.

I Need A Pencil, LLC

iFlair was instrumental in building the first version of in 2006 and 2007. Working with Jinal and his team was a pleasure and a very positive business experience. Since Portfolio together, has grown significantly and attracted the interest of many key stakeholders. We look forward to working with Jinal and his team again in the future.

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