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  • iFlair has developed meter functionality which is very unique concept in any website development.
  • We have done high level customization to make it functional. There are 2 options in meter that is Offer and Junk, based on the user inputs the meter will be displayed accordingly.


Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Creative Designer
  • 1 HTML/CSS Designer
  • 1 JavaScript Developer
  • 2 WordPress Developers
  • 1 Quality Check Analyst

Offer Junky is community for deal seekers. It is a place for customers to generously share best deals, promotional code and vouchers. The basic concept of the website is that it is for authentic tips from other people who do not gain anything by sharing the junky deals.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Responsive HTML/CSS
  • Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery and json

Web Application Key Features Developed By iFlair

  • The more members Offer Junky has the more sharing and contributing the offer, the more everyone gains.
  • This community website is for sharing deals members have found, voucher codes you know of, giving advice and insight on deals listed, or just being a friendly member.
  • There are different types of Deals (Hot, New and Discussed) displayed for user to grab the best deal.
  • User can view deals as per their desired location, so accordingly location deals will only display.
  • If any offer is interested or not relevantly they can check on it – Offer or Junk.
  • Comments can be posted on each offer and can also redeem the offer.

  • Any user can share the deals on the website.
  • Users have an option to click on Deal Meter (Offer or Junk) button based on the deal. (If the deal is good user can click on Offer button and if deal is not good they can click on Junk button)
  • f user is interested in buying the Deal, he clicks on “Get Offer” button and it will redirect to the third party website where the actual deal is posted.
  • Offers can be shared via social media website.
  • There is private messaging functionality
  • Search engine friendly and W3C standards compliance.

Robert Roos
Robert Roos, CEO IT Crowdsource

All my projects at IFlair are executed with great satisfaction. The teams are behaving really professional and the work they are delivering is simply stunning. After many years of searching I've finally found a proper web development company with a no nonsense attitude! The workers are very creative and actively helping me to enhance my projects. I truly believe that this is one of the core powers of this organization. They are always thinking along with the customer and providing the right guidance during projects. This organization encompasses a broad set of specialized skills. Therefore they are able to offer end-to end support for all my projects. IFlair is a very reliable supplier that delivers qualitative products! A top class organization.

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