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Sell prints digitally, as well as on clothes



Special Features

  • One product can be purchased only once.
    • The products which have been purchased once by any customer, that can’t be purchased twice.
    • Created script in such a way that once the product is in add to cart, the add to cart button will be disabled from the product detailed page.
    • And once it is purchased, that product will be deleted from the website for the same.
  • Only one variant can be purchased.
    • There are two types of variants available on the product listing page. One is “print”, and the other is “do not print”.
    • User can purchase only one for the same, and once any of the variants gets selected and add that product to the cart, the variant option will also get removed along with the add to cart option.


  • Flexible Collection Sort:
    • In the Shopify Admin, we’ve implemented this flexible collection sort that helps to sort the collection of products for the same.
    • Managing the collection of the products becomes difficult as the number of products is large, so using this APP becomes easier.
    • To sort the products in the collection
  • Cloud Search & Product Filter
    • In the collection page, we’ve used this APP that helps to use the filter in the search.
    • That makes it easier to find any product for the same.
  • Theft Shield
    • To make the content, and image safe from getting copied, we’ve used this APP which will not allow you to copy any of the content from the website.
    • It makes the content, and images even safer for the same.
    • It will disable the right-click and will not allow you to select any text, and browser console.

Key Features

  • Login mandatory:
    • To purchase the product, it is mandatory to log in, and then we can navigate the products and make a purchase.
  • Email Template Customization
    • Update the email template for the customer notified about the new store and create an account to purchase products from the store

Nuprimary is a Shopify-based website specially made for selling prints. We can purchase prints digitally, as well as on the cloth for the same.

The customization that we do for this website is to create a script in such a way that one product can be purchased once and once it has been purchased it will get removed from the store.
And as much as that product is present on “add to cart”, the purchase option will be disabled from the product detailed page.

Also, one variant can only be purchased, that customization we’ve also done for the same.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Customized default Dawn theme

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