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React Native, Php Language 7.3 & Laravel 7.0, MySQL 5.0, HTML, CSS, jQuery, QR Code, Push notification for Android, Push notification for iOS, stripe and Paypal payment with recurring payment subscription, Multilanguage Selection, JavaScript based HTTP networking to manage library for calling web services


Fitness & HealthCare



Special Features

  • Language Selection
    • Users have options to select language from English or Dutch.
    • Application content will display based on language selection
  • QR Code Scan
    • Users can login into respective clinic of Veterinary doctors and book appointment by scanning QR code.
    • User need to add their mobile number at the time of registration.
    • After login user will get notification of wait time accordingly as a pop-up message on a home screen of mobile. Mobile device keep on vibrating till the time user is not tapping on “Ok” button in a pop-up message (only applicable for first pop-up message).
    •  User will get option to enter name of his pet. If admin have put a tick mark on animal name box.

We have created a perfect mobile app for animal owners and breeders who are looking for Veterinary doctors for treatment of their pets. Anywhere in the world users can select language from English and Dutch.

Users will be able to login and book an appointment by scanning QR Code of individual clinic of Veterinary doctor. Based on scan results, users will be able to login into the clinic of respective Veterinary doctor and then will get wait time to visit a doctor for pet’s checkup accordingly.

Technologies Used

  • Front End (User Mobile App): – React Native
  • Back End (Admin and Super Admin Panel) – Php Language version 7.3 & Laravel Framework 7.0
  • Database – MySQL 5.0
  • Responsive – HTML, CSS, jQuery QR Code – Scan and get result from QR code
  • Firebase – Push notification for Android
  • APNs – Push notification for iOS
  • Multilanguage Selection
  • Payment Gateway Integration – stripe and Paypal payment with recurring payment subscription.
  • Axios:- JavaScript based HTTP networking to manage library for calling web services

  • Alarm Notification
    • User will get as an alarm notification when color of pop up message changes from red to orange and orange to green. Mobile screen of user keeps on vibrating when color of pop up message changes till the time user tap on “ok” button of pop up message.
  • Wait time notification
    • User will get reminder into three various colors red, orange and green according to wait time in the form of pop up message as well as push notification.
    • If user’s notification feature is off in the device or mobile application is not active in background of device, still user will get reminder of wait time in the form of push notification.
    • Once user tap on “Ok” button in last pop-up message of green color to arrive into the Vet’s clinic. User will automatically get logged out from mobile app.

Admin Panel/Super Admin Panel

  • Subscription for Admin
    • Once user will sign up and login into admin panel. Then user will be redirected to subscription screen.
    • Admin can choose below subscription plans:
      1.  Free Plan
      2.  Monthly Plan
      3.  Yearly plan
  • Subscription for Super Admin
    • Super admin can view and edit plan details from the below subscription plans:
    • Free Plan: Super admin can add days and price.
    • Monthly Plan: Super admin can add price of monthly plan.
    • Yearly Plan: Super admin can add price of yearly plan and can add discount/ offers of yearly plan.
  • Payment for Admin
    • There will be option to select payment option debit card, credit card and PayPal.
    • After selecting payment option, admin can add there details accordingly and select pay now button to process the payment.
  • Payment details for Super Admin
    • Super admin can view card details of admin.
  • QR Code
    • Admin will create QR code for his individual company and get option to print QR code to share it with his users.

  • User Management
    • Admin can view user list details admin business name, email address, subscription plan details (Start date, end date, admin preferred method of payment).
    • Super Admin can view admin list details admin business name, email address, subscription plan details (Start date, end date, admin preferred method of payment).
    • Super admin and admin will get option to send notification by clicking on notify button.
  • Customer Cards
    • Admin will see the name of owner of pet, contact number of owner and name of pet (if tick mark is done in check box).
    • Admin will send wait time notification according to wait time from customer cards.
    • Once user will tap on “ok” button of green screen details of user will be automatically removed from customer cards.
    • Admin can manually delete the user from contact cards.
  • Permission/Limited access for features for admin panel 
    • Super admin has authority to give access of admin panel to admin. Also, have authority to give limited access for features available in admin panel.
  • Special Features
    • Once first user will scan QR and sign in after that only profile picture of admin will be visible.
    • Admin will get option to apply tick mark on check to display enter name of pet field in a user mobile app.


Please do pass on my gratitude and appreciation on to your exceptional team, I work with on a day to day basis and to the design team that worked so hard on my projects. They have done an outstanding job in following my instructions and suggesting designs that far exceeded what I had imagined. I could not have done this project without you and your team. Everyone has been patient and worked hard to make the project fit within my timeline and budget. I sincerely appreciate all your team's hard work and look forward to continuing to work with and recommending iFlair to others!

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