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Key Metrics

  • Processed over 5000 orders and invoices efficiently.
  • Handled 4000+ customized orders seamlessly.
  • Implemented various shipping methods to optimize logistics.

  • Managed a catalogue of over 3000 products effectively.
  • Developed an order barcode system tailored for WooCommerce.
  • Integrated FedEx and USPS shipping services for streamlined operations.

Nametags4u.com is a specialized company dedicated to the creation of personalized badges, drinkware items, and tags, offering a diverse range of printing bases. Our platform offers users the choice between ready-made selections and the option to customize their own designs, followed by seamless printing services.

With a meticulously designed user interface, our website presents an intuitive step-by-step process for crafting bespoke labels, badges, drinkware products, and tags. Users are provided with an extensive array of printing base options directly accessible on our platform, facilitating a streamlined customization experience.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Database : MySQL


  • Client had a legacy system that was working with old and outdated technology
  • The custom tag creation in the legacy system was a very tedious and time-consuming process
  • No new updates to the legacy site were possible due to various technological issues
  • Providing real-time previews of customized nametags to ensure users can see exactly what their final product will look like.
  • Efficiently handling and tracking custom orders through the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Providing accurate, real-time previews of customized nametags.


  • Developed a custom plugin for seamless backup management, facilitating import/export operations.
  • Implemented advanced filtration options within the plugin, empowering administrators to refine data efficiently.
  • Integrated user-friendly controls in the admin panel for easy updating of filter values.

  • Leveraged Elementor in conjunction with WooCommerce to enhance product configuration capabilities.
  • Streamlined the printing build sheet process through intuitive administrative functionalities.

The removal of the legacy system paved the way to incorporate new functionalities the client had always thought of including.


The turnaround time to design tags was drastically reduced and the business grew manifold with the addition of newer designs and increased options for the user to design tags.


Client incorporated trending website designs and due to that good growth was seen in the new customers along with withholding of the existing customers.


The site was designed and developed considering its scalability and adaptability, due to which the client regularly keeps on adding newer features and tag designs to the website that were not possible earlier with the legacy system.


  • WordPress Site Development: Developed a brand-new WordPress site with all functionalities from the legacy system seamlessly integrated.
  • Fancy Product Designer Plugin Customization: Implemented and customized the Fancy Product Designer plugin to align with the client’ s specific requirements.
  • Enhanced Functionality and User Experience: Customized the plugin to enhance functionality and ensure a smooth user experience for designing and creating tags.
  • Reduced Design Time: Drastically reduced the design time required by customers for custom tag creation, improving efficiency.
  • Improved Process Flow: Implemented improvements in the process flow for visiting customers, enhancing overall user satisfaction and engagement.

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