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Personal growth and development


USA (Texas)

Special Features

  • Data Migration
    • User : 322
    • Team : 88
    • Company : 24
  • Template & Theme Development:
    • Customize Theme
  • Integration of Pusher:
    • We have integrated Pusher for adding real-time data and functionality to web and mobile applications seamless. Pusher works as a real-time communication layer between the server and the client. It maintains persistent connections at the client using Web Sockets, as and when new data is added in the server.

Solution Provide

  • Data in Chart format
    • Selected team talents will be displayed in graph format with filtration. Also, the CMS section: admin can crud this section. User can download the pdf, can add their self-reflection or can watch video.
  • Analytics
    • We have enabled the analysis of this website activities such as login, Reflect, Discover or Execute for team member’s weekly/monthly/quarterly/Yearly. Count will be available in mentioned activities.
  • Voting
    • We have built the voting functionality for right Q&A. Users can add the vote for listed Questions & Answers as per their knowledge and select one user for answer of selected question by names. They will also be able to vote certain topic wise.

Key Features

  • Self-Reflection Section:
    • We have developed self-reflection & talent tabs for users to add self-reflection such as gratitude, generosity, skillful or unskillful ideal or To-Do and later on one can edit/delete or add attachments in the records.
  • Topics wise Q&A Section:
    • We have developed the Q&A section in such manner that user can add question certain topic wise they can add attachments in respective topics.
  • Commitment/Check-In Section:
    • Commitment: User can add Vision (WHAT is the future outcome?) category wise. Where one can add Purpose, baseline based on the commitment record. User can see the date & time of the commitment record. One can edit/delete or add attachments in the records.
    • Check-In: User can assign their Goal this section with the help of challenges & Actions and set a date for goal. Status filter of the task will be updated. We have added the date section so user can see their assigned goal selected Date & Month wise. One can edit/delete or add attachments in the records.

  • Projection Form section:
    • Comparison of original & actual budget, and chart of accounts details will be available in this section. It will be CMS content. Admin is managing this section. System will generate the Auto Projection from average plan based on the calculation of the sales or other category.
  • Media section:
    • All uploaded files will be available in this section with uploaded date. User can redownload or copy certain files with filters such as: module type or newest/oldest uploaded.
    • We have also added the filter of uploaded document types such as: audio files, video files, photos, Misc. files and website wise.

We have developed a Laravel built website for skill enhancement/development and helps to structure user’s personal development goals. User can work on their developing new skills, attitudes, actions, or reactions that can have a positive impact on user’s life and increase your overall well-being and Work with a coach or mentor to assemble a plan.

In this website, users can create profile based on their personalities and talent then after user will select respective coach so user will be able to work more on the enhancement points with the guidance of coach. This website basically allows users to select one or more than one coaches and do the Q&A, analytics and measurement based on the profile. This platform will offer users to identify the areas where they’d like to improve. And they can select one team and based on that Facilitator and their Access rights will be visible.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back-end Technologies: Laravel 8

Dylan Fox

iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair. The team at iFlair makes your project their own and you don't need to hold their hand while they work on your project, they can ``figure things out`` which is a crucial skill for outsourced technical teams. All of your inquiries are responded to almost immediately, and they are always willing to put in the extra time and extra work to make sure your project is successful and delivered on time.

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