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Medical Equipment such as syringes, Spa products, tables, and a lot more.



Special Features

  • Theme customization :
    • Customized for a button “shop similar item” on product detail page that when customer visit product page within site customer will redirect another collections to purchase similar products. Same button title will change automatically “Shop + collection name” for customer when customer visit this page from google search directly.
    • Provided feature for mobile users that they can scroll down to product list directly instead of showing long collection description as a landing page.
    • There’s an option to write an “Order Note” for cart page that helps admin to review special instruction to prepare product.


  • Advanced Product Options:
    • In the product detailed page, we can provide multiple customized options with the help of this.
    • We can add color options, material options, and a lot more based on the product.
    • In the product detailed page, based on the color selection we can see that colored image for the same.
  • Boost AI Search, and discovery:
    • This app is used for the collection page for the filter option.
    • Can be able to use via filter panel, as well as from the super search bar.

Key Features

  • Metafield customization:
    • On the product detail page, there are a few tabs that show the details of the product. So, if we haven’t added any information in that particular tab to show then that tab will not be displayed in the front-end for the same.
    • So, based on the detail that we’ve added in any particular tab, that will be visible on the front end.
  • Shipping method customization on the product page:
    • On the product detailed page, there’s a shipping method that is available for that product is visible.
    • By clicking on that, one popup will open and that shows the detail of the shipping method that is available for the same.
    • Those shipping methods that are available there are admin manageable.
  • Quick View:
    • In the product listing page, we’ve implemented “Quick View” that shows the details of any particular product and there’s no need to go to the product detailed page to view.
    • We can able to see all the details by remaining on that page only.
  • Breadcrumbs:
    • Implemented breadcrumbs in the website which is helpful for navigation.
    • Easy to go to the previous page with the help of these breadcrumbs.
    • Easy for users to understand the flow of the website.
  • Guest Checkout:
    • To see the product price, or to purchase the same, we’ve implemented guest checkout.
    • We simply need to provide our details such as name, contact number, address, and email address, and choose the payment method. And sign-up is not compulsory for the same.
    • Thus, we can able to place an order for the same.

Medical Spa Supply is a Shopify-based website that sells Spa products, tables, electric chairs, and a lot more.

We’ve created some customization for its admin to make search easier, and feasible. Implemented turbo theme which helps to get the image to expand option, message box on the checkout page, and price variation of the product detailed page itself.

We’ve also kept Guest checkout so the login feature becomes optional and user can directly make purchase for the same.

Also implemented AI for admin in collection page which helps in filter, as well as in super search bar.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Turbo theme

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