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Customizing beds for kids for more safety



Special Features

  • Customization :
    • For all the products, we’ve kept the customization option available. We can customize the product for headboard, number of ventilators, color, number of footboards, IV pole, and a lot more.
    • We can purchase the product with all customized options available for the same.
    • Develop a custom option with a swatch image according to condition-wise selection.
    • Sent email attachments with the pdf with pricing criteria with combined pdf
  • Price extension for discount :
    • We have developed a pricing extension that allows users to apply discounts for both individual and bulk purchases. This extension also supports group purchases, and the discount amount is determined based on the quantity of items being purchased.
    • Apply JQuery for custom option hide/show dependency on swatch options.
    • Created a specific extension for special price offers and can assign it to specific users for the same.
  • Cart2quote :
    • Mainly used for quotations.
    • Can attach email with 2-price criteria that are: retail, primary, and secondary.
    • Also show custom options, and configurable options in the email attachment and the quotation.
    • The main focus of this website is to get the quotation for the same.
    • Email quote functionality can directly work from the “My Account” section, and after the quote has been placed customers can email their previous quotes directly from that place.
    • Additionally, our system provides users with the capability to edit their quotes. This feature allows users to make changes to any of their previous quotes for the same items.


  • We have implemented product customization options on the detailed product page, enabling users to tailor their purchases according to their preferences.
  • Custom options, and configurable option selection as per the conditions.
  • For this configuration, our client can get different options to select the code of SKU, which helps to manage the orders, and quotes for the same.

Key Features

  • Popup for login/registration :
    • When accessing the website, a registration popup appears within a few seconds.
    • We’ve created a popup for the same so that more users get registered with our website.
  • Login Mandatory :
    • To see the price of the product, we’ve kept login compulsory.
    • Once the user logs in, they can able to see the price of the product along with different variations which are available as customization on the product detailed page.

Love Rehab Solution is a Magento-2-based B2C website that sells customized beds for newborn babies. The functionality that a bed provides includes IV rays, handles, color options, fan adjustment functionality, and a lot more which provides the most accurate yet safest bed for your newborn babies.

We provided customization for this website in such a way that you can do any type of customization based on the number of options available from the product page itself!

We’ve done some configuration for our client so that they can add SKU numbers in their way which helps the client to manage their orders, as well as the quotes that they’re getting for the same.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • CMS Technology : Magento2
  • Back-end language : PHP
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery

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