About Kite trotter

The story started with a kite enthusiast who traveled to various countries. Most of the time he spent finding kite spots which were safe, had a reliable wind, and had good accommodations. He noticed other kite enthusiasts were facing similar problems which was to find good spots, winds, and accommodations.

Kite Trotter was started in 2017. It was a platform which needed to be built for kite and wing surfers enthusiasts. Their aim was to bring passionate people who love sharing the travel experience and also
helping them find new places they had never experienced before.

KiteTrotter also serves as a place where businesses can market their products and services to a core target audience of kite and wing sports enthusiasts and generate viable leads in the process.

About Kite trotter

Issues faced by Kite Trotter

Managing Reviews and Ratings

User Experience Challenges

Pricing Analysis

Payment Integration

Poor customer support

Incomplete Information on website

Reporting and Analytics in the backend

Our Approach

The Kite Trotter Team approached us with their requirement where they had UX/UI developers while iFlair implemented on Development and Operations.

After onboarding the team of Kite Trotter we started by getting all the requirements which includes:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Technology to be used for developing the website
  • APIs
  • Features and Functionality to be added
Our Approach

The challenge

User Experience on all devices

  • Custom experience for user across different platforms (tablets, mobile, desktop) is essential for engaging user and conversion rates

Content Quality and Accuracy

  • Content, reviews, rating are crucial aspects for providing users with reliable information.

Customer Support and communication

  • Providing timely support to users for any issues or inquiries is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty

Data Integration from Third Party APIs

  • Weather forecast for the kite community is important as they can know about weather conditions. (Windy, windguru, windy app, tide forecast). Also for rentals, flights and trips can be challenging in particular data formats.

SWOT Analysis


Competitor pricing

  • Price based on demand, season

User Engagement

  • Personalized recommendation, user reviews


Customer trust

  • Financial information and security

Market Competition

  • Attract and retain more customers


Strategic Partnerships

Diversified revenue streams

  • Ads , Banners


Online Reputation Management

  • Reviews


Strategic solutions

Key modules created

  • Latest Highlights
    • Stories are highlighted on the landing page with the description and image. Admin can manage the highlighted stories from the backend where he can sort and can select which stories to be highlighted in the landing page.
  • Offer Management
    • Offers are highlighted in the marketplace where users can know and will be managed by admin accordingly.
  • Reviews Management
    • Admin will have the functionality to approve or deny reviews and ratings for particular services.
  • Banner Management
    • The admin can manage multiple banners for a particular page.

Project Screenshots


Results achieved

Improved Customer Experience

  • Feedback from users regarding their satisfaction with the platform. Include testimonials, ratings, and reviews highlighting positive experiences.

Streamline process

  • Seamless browsing and purchasing experiences.

User’s Growth

  • Highlighted the increase in user base over a specific period. Included metrics such as the number of registered users, collaboration, and user engagement rates.

Quick Customer response

  • Email Automation
    • Scheduled Recurring Emails for paid promotion, ads

Technologies used

PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel







3rd Party API Integrations

3rd Party API Integrations



Global Footprints

Served clients across the globe from38+ countries