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WordPress, Responsive HTML, CSS , jQuery & AJAX, Bridge7 – Theme Implantation, Facebook Integration


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Special Features

  • Admin can manage Blog/Post from backend to display it on user’s Facebook page and we have done Facebook integration to display blog/post on user’s Facebook’s page.
  • Content and images of Home, Latest News, Services, Ideology, Personnel, Links and Contact pages on the website are managed by admin user from backend.
  • PDF file for ideology page is uploaded from backend and front end user able to download it from frontend.
  • Blogs and articles and set as featured to be displayed on the homepage are managed by admin user from backend.


  • Site administrator will manage PDF file from backend and front end user able to download that PDF for ideology.
  • Implemented bridge 7 theme for this website with some customization to make it user friendly look and feel.
  • We will migrate the data for various information from the Current Website to New Website for Home, Latest News, Services, Trust, Tax Return, Revision, Management Consultancy, Ideology, Personnel, Links, Contact
  • We created nice UI design to display the services offered by the client

We have redesign & redeveloped one kind of informative site of the tax for the various tax payer users. We gave functionality to manage everything from backend for content pages, sub page of services and PDF file for ideology and manage user details which get by contact form. We developed functionality for PDF of ideology to upload from backend and download it from frontend for ideology. We implemented bridge7 theme for this website with some customization to fulfill client’s need. We have done Facebook integration for blog/post to display Facebook page and Blog/post are managed through backend by admin user.

Technologies Used

  • Responsive HTML, CSS , jQuery & AJAX
  • Bridge7 – Theme Implantation
  • WordPress – Development
  • Facebook Integration


  • Great User experience on any device browser
    • We have made this website responsive to fit this website on any device screen for great user experience for any mobile, desktop and tablet.
    • We have customized theme to give elegant look and feel to the website users.
  • Facebook integration
    • We integrated blog posts with client’s official Facebook page. So all blog posts will be automatically reflected on client’s official Facebook page.
  • Data Migration
    • We have migrated information from old website into the new developed wordpress website.

  • Ideology
    • Ideology is an informative page which will display fundamental information about company.
    • Code of conduct for download: On click user can open and download PDF file for code of conduct. Site administrator will manage PDF file from backend.
  • Administrative features
    • Admin user can manage PDF file for ideology page. PDF Files are uploaded from backend and download it at the front side.
    • Admin can manage blogs and articles and set as featured to be displayed on the homepage.
    • Admin can manage the user details received via Contact form.

Joe W. Brown

My name is Joe and I live in KY, USA.. I came across iFlair and Jinal on the internet several months ago. I had started building my site with Word Press using a local firm here in the USA. I was being charged xxx dollars plus per hour, the work was never as I had asked for, and it seemed no one cared much about my business. After discovering iFlair I noticed that the fees were very fair so I decided to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased. It was night and day. I was never ignored and never treated like I should be grateful for the help. I was treated like an important customer, always got responses very quickly, and the work is outstanding. If you have any doubts just look at my site. The folks at iFlair are the best, and if you don't give them a try your missing the boat.

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