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Java for Android & Swift for iOS, Google Road API


Transport & Logistic


Espoo, Finland


  • User will have option to select language from English or German or Finnish.
  • User will see the List of their different vehicles and user can managed the route of their particular journey from the application.
  • User can search the particular vehicle from the application and based on that they will able to view the selected vehicle position the map view along with their respective details for the same.
  • User can track their journey log based on their selected or current vehicle from the application as per the particular month wise.
  • User can apply filtration based on journey type and journey purpose to view the respective journeys from the application.

We have created a perfect mobile app for car owners where they can track their particular journeys or trips as per their respective vehicle from the application. Also, we have managed this application from different servers, So that different server users can login into single application.


User will able to login and track their current vehicle position or their respective vehicle position from the application with help of “Google Road API”. They will able to see their particular vehicle position in a map view format from the application.

Technologies Used

  • Front end (User Mobile App): – Java for Android & Swift for iOS
  • Managed Location: – Google Road API

  • User can view the following details as per their journey:
    •  Start & End Location
    • Drive Name
    • Distance
    • Duration
    • Purpose
    • Invoice tracking code
    • Customer code
  • User will have the option where they can view the last or current position of their respective vehicle by selecting from the listing in the application.
  • User can view the respective “Driving Style” data based on days, weeks and month wise from the application.
  • It consists the following below details:
    • Kilometers
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Harsh Brakings
    • Overspeed Events
    • Driving Style Index
    • CO2 Ratio

Timo Lampola

We at Helpten have now worked one year with iFlair. Mobile app development has went super good, and also support and communication has been very good. Special thanks to Priya!

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