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Special Features

  • Options to view video in slow motion.
  • Video will start from last pause interval.
  • Video download options.
  • Display offline video first then all live videos.
  • Download handbook content automatically at application installation time.
  • Multilanguage – Dutch & English



  • Categories
    • Students can view various predetermined learning category list of physical education.
    • Students can search categories from search options.
    • Students can view sub categories of specific category.
  • Sub-categories
    • Students can view sub categories of specific category.
    • Students can view different activity list of every sub category.
    • All activities have video and handbook options.
  • Videos
    • Students can view videos every activities.
    • Students can view video in slow motion.
    • Students have options to download videos in local storage.
    • Students can view downloaded videos in offline mode.
  • Handbook
    • Students can able to handbook content in flip view.
    • Students can zoom in/out of any page.
    • Students can read handbook in full screen by enlarge options.
    • Students can navigate to other pages through paging buttons or swiping.

We have created a digital learning tool that offers opportunities for learning and supporting movement activities. Students can learn and practice of gym lessons using videos and handbooks via application. Students will select category and sub category of physical education. Students have search options to find appropriate category.


Application has mainly 2 parts of activities: video and handbook. We are providing facility to view all videos online as well as offline by downloading videos on local storage. While student start installing the application, all the content of handbook will download automatically. Students can view all content in flip view so they can easily navigate pages.

James Sellers

We came across iFlair when trying to find developers to make amends to one of our client's Moodle portal. Finding reviews for the company was difficult, so we were unsure of what to expect. I am pleased to say that we were delighted with the service that they offered, being flexible and efficient with everything we threw at them in terms of updates and changes. The project was completed within timescales promised. We look forward to giving iFlair more work in the future.

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