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Special Features

  • Earn cash
    • Implemented an “earn cash” on the website through which users will earn money when they register, or refer a friend, and on every purchase, they get a cash price that can be used to make a payment on the website itself.
  • Newsletter – Enjoy 10% Off
    • When we open the website, it shows a newsletter popup in which we get 10% Off by registering with their newsletter subscription for the same.
  • FAQ on collection page:
    • On the collection page, we’ve implemented FAQs that help users to know more about the product before purchasing the same.


  • Multiple currencies
    • The shipping is available in multiple countries, the same way the currencies are available based on that and users can able to make purchases accordingly. And by knowing their currency it becomes easier for them to know the price of the product.
  • Return, and exchange
    • On every purchase, the exchange, and return policy are available. If the product is damaged, or not the same as mentioned, or for any particular reasons if the user wants to return or exchange the product that option is available for the same.
  • Implement warranty shipping on the checkout page:
    • We’ve implemented a warranty shipping on each of the products so that whenever any product is added to the cart it automatically adds the warranty shipping, and it’s changed for the same.
    • Based on the products it gets changed for the same.
    • Also, there’s a toggle button on the checkout page in case the user wants to remove that shipping warranty they can able to do so.

Key Features

  • Live chat
    • We’ve implemented live chat on the website so that it’ll connect to users for their concerns in real time and it’ll get resolved at the same time for the same.
  • Megamenu
    • We’ve implemented a megamenu on the home page in such a way that the menus remain sticky whenever we scroll down to the website, and by clicking on the logo the website will get reloaded for the same.
  • Wishlist
    • On the product listing page, we’ve implemented a Wishlist so that users can able to mark favorites for their chosen products and able to select at the same page with short-listed products

Gigipip is a Shopify Plus-based ecommerce website that sells Hats for women. By getting the materials all over the world and selling their product in almost all of the countries. We’ve implemented a one-page checkout for an easy checkout process, provide a warranty on shipping, an option to earn cash through the website, and a lot more.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify Plus
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Warehouse

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