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Magento 2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL





Key Requirement

  • Migration from M1 to M2
    •  The existing system was required to migrate to the latest version of Magento. We migrated all the below mentioned data from old version to the latest one:
      • Products (52997)
      • Blog Category (16)
      • Customers (78003)
      • Review List (211)
      • Orders (44738)
      • Attributes List (593)
      • Categories (600)
      • Attribute Option (1874)
      • Blog Lists (329)
      • Attribute Groups (696)
  • Custom Design
    • We were required to design a custom theme for this website. We have developed the same using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. Later, the designed theme was integrated with Magento 2.

  • Custom Discount Process
    • We have received a request to develop a custom flow to request a discount. Here, system allows user to send a request to the admin for discount, admin can decide whether to give user a discount or not.
  • SEO Friendly Website
    • We have overwritten the URLs of website to make it more SEO friendly and so it can easily get listed in Google index. We have also integrated Data Layer scripts for improvising SEO analytics.
  • Smooth Flow and Loading
    • The system has been developed with improved performance scale. It was optimized thoroughly to minimalize the speed and loading aspects.

With a vision of improving the outdoor experience, our client has come up with the well-designed and comforting outdoor appliances. They have a wide range of designs and variants of Swimming Pools, Garden Furniture, Verandas, Spas, Outdoor Kitchens, Saunas and Garden Houses.


We have developed a well-functioning and beautifully designed Magento shop that accomplishes the desired goal as an online shopping store. It has MultiSafePay as payment gateway that allows user to have multiple payment options. This store has a categorized flow to reach the correct product for the purchase. It is enriched with various extensions using which a user can utilize the web app at its best.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technologies: Magento 2.
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery.
  • Database: MySQL.


  • Guest Wishlist
    • Our client wanted to have a custom flow for Guest Wishlist where a user can add products to his wishlist without logging into the system. We made a custom flow that was system oriented where users can add products into his wishlist.
  • Side Slider for Category Description
    • It is an interesting way of displaying the Category description. We are showcasing a glimpse of description in the banner and when the user wants to read more, a side panel slides out from right side of the screen that contains detailed description.
  • One Page Checkout
    • In order to minimalize the checkout process, we have integrated the One Page Checkout extension that allows system to have all the checkout steps to be in a single page.

  • Promotional Banners on Category page
    • We were required to add promotional banners in the Category page while Magento allows only 1 image in the page for description. We customized the page and developed the options for adding multiple promotional banners between the list of products.
  • MultiSafePay Payment Gateway
    • For an easy access to multiple payment methods, we have integrated MultiSafePay payment gateway with the system. It allows user to pay using several methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, etc.
  • Mega Menu Installation
    • We have used Mega-menu to make all the menu items look easily accessible and add a promotional banner to improvise the look & feel of the section.

Key Features

  • Custom Options for Product
    • There are custom options that Magento provides in Product page to display product information like dimensions, color, etc. As required, we customized to showcase these options on the Cart Page instead of product page. It helps user to be specific on the product while purchasing it.
  • Sticky Product Information
    • We have developed a custom sticky section in the product page that stays at the bottom on scrolling the product page. It helps user to know the basic information of product while scrolling away from the top section where these information is positioned.
  • Related Products Popup
    • This functionality was developed to cross-sell other products while reviewing a selected product. When user selects Alternatives button, a side panel slides with the list of other products that are selected by admin. It allows user to add the product to cart from this panel directly.

  • Product Question Form
    • We have developed a custom form for the product page. It allows user to ask any query for the respective product, by filling a simple form. Admin can respond to the same via email.
  • Last Viewed Product Recommendation 
    • With the help of cookies, we have integrated a popup that appears on the product page. When user lands on a product page, a popup appears in the corner(not breaking the view) that shows information about the last product visited.
  • Layered Navigation
    • We have used layered navigation where user is allowed to select multiple options for filtering the products list and find the desired products. It allows admin to create multiple filter options on the basis of attributes like Price range, categories, dimensions, Color, etc.

Third Party Extensions

  • One-step checkout
  • Mageworx
    • For advanced product options
  • Multisafepay
    • For Payment Integration
  • Magmodules
    • Channables
    • Trade tracker
  • Mageplaza
    • Blog extension
    • Delivery time
    • Product slider
    • GeoIP
    • SEO extension
    • Google recaptcha
    • Abandoned cart email
    • Quick cart
    • Banner slider
    • Sitemap
    • Currency formatter
  • Fooman
    • Email attachment
  • Aheadworks
    • For Layered navigation

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