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Special Features

  • Visually stunning , modern and stylish responsive website design
  • Art studio can register with website and add their complete art studio details
  • We have designed and developed custom search algorithm to offer advance search functionality using which user can search for tattoo with different and mixed search criteria
  • Customer can explore custom Tattoo art and get quote for their customized tattoo
  • Website offer inbox functionality so art studio and customer can communicate with each other.


  • Customer can view booking history done through the website.
  • Website calculate art studio rating on their page which is aggregation of the rating given by all customers
  • Art Studio can manage their Calendar and keep them upto date so customer can know their availability.

iFlair has designed and developed “Art Studio” website for Professional tattoo artists who do research based on the given Tattoo concept and design custom tattoos which standout differently. Website is developed in Codeigniter, which entice site visitors with eye catching design and encourage them to check different section of website which displays category specific seghregation of the tattoos. Our expert developers have developed website with high level of coding structure keeping main consideration of customize feature. We have developed eCommerce functionality with customize booking process for different tattoo types. Art studio website customize tattoo services which help customer to get the best tattoo artist at their desired location



  • Art studio
    • Studio can create their profile and add their products to sell on the website.
    • They can also manage their profile and manage the details of their Biography
  • Customer
    • They can browse the website for different tatto types make online inquires and based on that proceed further with online payments through website.
    • Later once tattood customer can also provide review ratings to the Studios
  • Product Management
    • Art studio can add different products in the relevant category
    • Each product category will have different working flow and payment terms
  • Customized Tattoo Design Booking Process
    • Choose the city where you want to get your tattoo done
    • Select the Studio/s you want to get a Tattoo Customize Design quote from
    • Choose the Studio you want to proceed with your Tattoo Customize Design
    • Make a design brief that describes your Tattoo idea
    • The Studio will submit their design options. Be sure to give continual feedback to help the Studio achieve exactly what you want

  • Tattoo wise Fee Management
    • Permanent Flash Tattoo
      • A percentage of 7% of the flat fee is retained by the Website and the remaining 93% is automatically sent to the art studio
    • Permanent Large Tattoo
      • Price cannot be fixed for these permanent large tattoos. It may cost 150$ or 1000$. Therefore customer will book a permanent large tattoo selecting a specific studio and a specific date. Customer will be asked to pay a deposit of 50$. A flat 20$ will be retained by the Website and 30$ will be automatically sent to the art studio.
    • Customized Tattoo Design
      • Once customer select the art studio and then will do the payment they can start communication with the selected art studio.
      • Customer can explain about the design that they are looking and accordingly art studio will design revert back to customer.
    • Piercing
      • Piercing will have flat fee. A percentage 15% will be retained by website, the rest will be sent to the art studio.
    • Henna Tattoo
      • Customer will select specific art studio and date and they will make deposit of 50$. A flat 20$ will be retained by website and 30$ will be automatically sent to the art studio.
    • Art Painting
      • A percentage 15% of the total fee is retained by the website and the rest will be sent automatically to the art studio.


  • Product quote Process
    • Customer can get quote for their customized tattoo by following below steps
      • Select Art Studio
      • Send Request (it can also include images)
      • User can fill the basic form and submit the details to the Studio.
      • Studio Person can receive the request and acknowledge for the same.
      • It will be back and forth process till user finalize the design sent by the studio
      • Once the Customer finalize the details, system will ask for further payment by providing the date & time.
  • Booking Management
    • Art Studio will receive a payment as per criteria decided by website admin. Payment will not be transferred directly to art studio account, first it will transfer to admin account and admin will proceed after reservation
    • Art Studio can view the history of past bookings and upcoming bookings
  • Calendar
    • Art Studio can manage their Calendar and keep them up to date so Customer can know their availability.
    • Art Studio can manually update their Calendar where they manually add their Availability Status like: Available, Booked or Not Available.
    • Art Studio can create slots as per their requirement. For example art studio1 have created 10 slots.
    • It will show “Booked” if all the slots are booked. Suppose 8 slots are booked and 2 slots are remaining then it will show Available along with number of available slots.

  • Internal Communication
    • We have create inbox functionality using which Art studio and customer can communicate with each other and exchange messages
    • A message is immediately send and be available to be viewed within the inbox.
    • Unread messages shall be highlighted in a different color to allow easy identification.
    • Inbox functionality can only be available if customer has purchased Permanent Large Tattoo or Customized Tattoo Design or Henna Tattoos
  • Back office Management
    • Analytical Dashboard
    • CMS Management
    • Manage Tattoo category and subcategory
    • Review Transaction Summary
    • Tattoo Management
    • Commission Management
    • User Management
    • Sub Admin Management
    • Product Management
    • Banner Management
    • Video Management
    • Season Management
    • Contact Inquiries
    • Currency Management
    • Review and Rating Management

Dylan Fox

iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair. The team at iFlair makes your project their own and you don't need to hold their hand while they work on your project, they can ``figure things out`` which is a crucial skill for outsourced technical teams. All of your inquiries are responded to almost immediately, and they are always willing to put in the extra time and extra work to make sure your project is successful and delivered on time.

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